What are your favorite recordings that sound best to you?

What would be the best sounding records you have ever listened to that sound best to you regardless of its genre, pressing, mastering, label, value or a technology used to record it?


Earl Klugh - Finger Paintings UHQR

Alan Parsons Project - I Robot UHQR

Miles Davis - Kind of Blue MOFI 45 Box set

Modern Jazz Quartet- Django 45 (I think Analogue Productions Quality Record Pressing)

Stan Getz- Getz Gilberto - Speakers Corner

Fleetwood Mac (self titled) - Mobile Fidelity

Too many Japanese pressings to name individually, but the Dire Straits first 2 seem to stick out and their Love Over Gold from Pallas Germany

Generally speaking, 45s sound great - never been disappointed with one - I guess they take care in all aspects when making them.






Forgot one - Pink Floyd Wish you were Here CBS Mastersound Japanese - (Welcome to the Machine is incredible)

Shirley Horn - The Music That Makes Me Dance. Breathtakingly executed in production and performance.

Cassandra Wilson - New Moon Daughter. Again, excellent performances and sound quality.

Personally I found Patricia Barber café blue recording too hi Fi, I mean it doesn't sound real for me, it's a bit sci Fi. But it might be my system, anyway, some of my reference recording that gives me goosebumps are this:

Sam Cooke / night beat 

Inti illimani / lugares comunes

Sueye Park/ Paganini 24 caprices SACD

Ella and Louis SACD

Simone kopmajer / live at Heidi

Very common but still... Nils lofgren/ acoustic live

Jacques lousier/ the best of play Bach SACD

Pink Floyd/ the wall and animals