What are your favorite Classical LPs?

Most of my Classical collection consists of old, mostly poor recordings.
Suggestions for good recordings of interesting pieces and artists.
My taste is varied.
The opera Carmen conducted by Claudio Abbado on DG. Passion.  Drama. Tunes.

The Blumlein-miked, Vittorio Gui "Marriage of Figaro" on Angel-EMI.  Talk about tone & 3D!  Mozart at his most gracious.

Mahler's Symphony #1 conducted by Bruno Walter.

Richard Rogers' Slaughter on Tenth Avenue on RCA, conducted by Arthur Fiedler.

I'll stop now...

I actually like classical on CD, and because almost all of the albums I have on LP has been reissued digitally, I don't have that much in the way of favorite classical LPs. The reverse is certainly not true--I have plenty of CDs that were never issued on LP (at least 1,500 of my classical CDs were never issued on vinyl.

The original recording of Ariel Ramirez' Missa Criolla is one of the albums that has not been issued on CD so it is on my favorite albums (Argentine Philips release).  Some LP versions of favorite pieces sound better than the digital reissue so they make the list, such as:  Mozart Clarinet Concerto with Gervase de Peyer and Shostakovich Piano Trio No.2 with the Beaux Art Trio (Philips).
Deutsche Grammophon issued a 250th anniversary, Beethoven box set containing every piece of music he composed.  118 CDs & 5 Blu Ray DVDs.  I own about 200 classical LPs but find myself returning to this box set all the time.  If someone has an interest in classical music but it's not going to be their mainstay listening, you could almost let this box set be your entire classical collection.  Yes I know there are many other composers, but LVB does it for me.  This is a great addition to any collection.