What are your experiences with upgrading power cords on KEF LS50 wireless?

Hello ,
I’ll soon be investing in a pair of the new KEF LS50 wireless II speakers and I’m curious what experiences people have had regarding upgrading the power cables on the original wireless model or the new ones.  I haven’t had much luck finding info on this topic looking through past posts (maybe one thread three years ago) so I’m curious what owners may be able to share on this subject now.  I appreciate any information you care to share. Thanks.
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The new model actually uses a class A/B for the tweeter. Not sure how much of a difference this would make with upgrading power cables but it’s worth pointing out. 
Your question it seems to me is based on the assumption that power cords are specific to certain components. That the same power cord that is excellent on one thing somehow magically knows to sound completely different when used somewhere else. As if the power cord knows where it is and how to behave in each situation.  

Interesting theory.