What are your current favorite lps and why

Red House Painters "Songs For a Blue Guitar". Mark is a genius at deconstructing songs and making them into songs that flow at least as good or better than the originals. His lps always are of very good sonic quality and this one is just fantastic!

Hiss Golden Messenger "Haw". This lp has superb sonics, great songwriting, a voice that grows on you quickly and upon each and every play, reminds you of why its good to continue the search for great, new music.

Angus & Julia Stone "S/T" Wow! This is one lp everyone should run out to get if they do not already own it. Not one bad song. The flow of this lp is awesome! From start to finish, it just continues to improve... then suddenly, it's over. You're left wanting more. Highly recommended!
I'm a huge Doobie Brothers fan. Just listened to "MInute by Minute". First time in over 20 years. What a great sounding lp!
Hey astro58go. Thanks for the ideagerm of some Doobies today. The Michael McDonald Doobies - to me - are every bit as good as the earlier Doobs. Never understood what the critics were about there.

As far as current favorite LPs go, a day hardly goes by without a listen to at least a few tracks of Case/Lang/Veirs. In my head I'm doing the comparisons to CSN. Which one is Stills? (Case is definitely Nash, IMO)

What a Fool Believes.....

dbtom2, Yeah, The Case/Lang Veirs lp is GREAT! I did re-listen today.

On Sundays, most of the time, I'm more reflective, so goes my music choices.

Today: (all lps)

Glen Hansard "Didn't He Ramble" A true artist's artist. I love his whole story. He was a street musician for years until an independent film maker discovered him and the rest is history. This lp sounds fantastic for a modern recording. Sounds analog in every way.

Gregory Alan Isakov "This Empty Northern Hemisphere", "That Sea,The Gambler". Another "true" artist. He is again why more people need to check out obscure artists.

Bill Callahan "Sometimes I Wish We Were An Eagle". Another artist's artist. (I'm thinking there is a theme going on here?) If one can't feel a connection to Bill or any of the artists mentioned above, I feel sorry for them. Here are 3 of some of the most thoughtful, engaging, true artists today.
OneĀ  honorable mention..

Linda Thompson "Fashionably Late". This was, from memory, her come back effort after throat cancer. The initial pressings were very noisy, so much so that it was relayed in the press that there would be a new pressing. Well, I own both and while the "new" pressing is still noisy, it is a great sounding lp and a great folk record. This is one that could be made into a reference lp if the right people got involved, IMO.

This reminds me of Patty Griffins "Silver Bell" that was released as a labor of love by some who wanted this music to get out to the masses a few years ago. Her record company, at the time, refused to release it. The vinyl quality is the worst I've ever seen. Mine is pressed way off center to boot. Looking at it reveals a wavy quality, even sitting still. This lp deserves another look by someone who will respect the artist's work and take it from there.