What are you using to drive your Tektons?

Hi all,
I recently took delivery on a pair of Tekton Pendragons that I really like a lot. The only "trouble" is, I'm greedy and I want MORE. I called Eric at Tekton and am going to order a pair of Double Impact SEs and send the Pendragons back. I'm curious what any of you Tekton fans out there have been driving your Tektons with that has brought you good results? 
Thanks in advance. 
@redstarwraith  First, congratulations on upgrading to the Double Impact SEs. They are special speakers. Let us know how you find them relative to the Pendragons once you have the SEs run in (it takes some time).

Tekton speakers, generically speaking, pair well across a wide range of amplification.

Knowing more about your room, listening levels, personal preferences, etc. will help members advise you more specifically.
I am waiting for my Tekton Double Impact SE's to be delivered. I am taking out of my system a pair of Paradigm Studio 80v2 which I still like. I purchased them new in 2001 so they have some time on for sure. The paradigms and future Double Impact SE' s will be lowered wit a Sunfire Cinema Grand Architect series II which is rated at 225 w x5. I do like the sound of this amp I have had in my system for about 8-10 yrs. I hope the Tektons will match up.
Once I get my DIs I plan on getting some Hypex NC400 monoblocks which are SUPER quiet. I am hoping for the ultimate in transparency
I’ve owned a pair of Pendragons for approximately a year now, and find they work well with a wide variety of amplifiers. Anything from low wattage tube amps to high wattage SS amps can give you great results. Right now, I’ve got mine hooked up to a fully refurbished vintage Marantz 2220B which supposedly puts out 20 wpc, but when measured, actually puts out closer to 25 wpc. I’ve also tried em with SET amps, Class A/B tube amps, and high wattage SS amps, and they seem to work well with pretty much anything you throw at em. Some sounded better than others, IMO, but that seems to come down more to personal preference and how loudly you listen to music.
Good luck with your DI’s! 
I have a pair of moab's. I am using marantz av7705 prepro and Macintosh mc462 amp and it sounds excellent.
I’ve got the Tekton Moab’s. Driving them with PrimaLuna Dialogue HP. Also using a Schiit Loki eq to adjust for the room. Sound is huge, beefy, full! My friend has DI SE’s and is driving them with the NAD M10. Sound is very clean with that setup. I’ve also driven my Moab’s with a Lyngdorf TDAI 2170. Also very clean and airy and transparent but not as full sounding and punchy as the PrimaLuna. You do loose a little air with the tube warmth but I love it! I’ve also heard amazing things about Raven Audio Tube gear. Their entry level integrateds are very competitive price wise with PrimaLuna. Plus they’re made in US with stellar support so I’ve been told. 
I have a pair of Electron SEs in a smaller 12x14 room and run them with two Schiit Aegirs.
I’m driving Double Impacts with a Primaluna Dialogue Premium HP with 1960’s Mullard EL34’s and Telfunken ECC82’s.In front of that I’ve got a Primaluna Dialogue Premium preamplifier with Telefunken ECC82’s and Amperex 5AR4 rectifiers. Feeding the digital signal is a Metrum Acoustics Ambre Roon end point to a Metrum Acoustics Pavane NOS ladder dac.I’ve recently built an external crossover for the DI’s and did some cabinet treatment. I’ve only got about 50hrs on them and Duelund wire that I rewired the speakers with and I gotta say so far the difference is really noticable. According to Grannyring (Bill Dion) here on
Audiogon, the difference is night and day once they settle and have about 250hrs on them.A big thank you to Bill for his support during this project.

I should add that I subbed in my Parasound A23 for the HP and I found that I lost some of the air, soundstage and the magical midrange that the Primaluna provides.
John Santos
My Impact Monitors are driven by an Aric Audio amp.KT150 tubes in se mode,sweetness + dynamics.
I drive my DI SE's with two different systems.  I go back and forth between PS Audio m700 mono blocks (with PS Audio Direct Gain Cell DAC/preamp) and the Anthem STR Integrated amp.

I do hear some hiss/noise though if you put your ear next to the tweeter!  Through both systems.

Surprised how well the m700s do with these speakers though being Class D.  PS audio has really made something special here.  
Lore Reference[before that the Pendragons] XPA-100's or a PrimaLuna Prologue 5

Declare Mini Tori’s, Grommes 26-PHI, JeremyFix, Jef Larsen, Charlie KIng (all custom SET’s) which is the biggie of the lot at about 10-12 watts....well..placed in a treated room  .....I’m digging It!
I have been trying several tube and SS amps that I have acquired over the years. Today I hooked up my ZOTL40 with MZ3 preamp and I have never the Moabs sound so good. I do have some NOS Mullard EL34’s in the ZOTL40.  All of these amps sound good but this is a killer combo.
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Lyngdorf is an awesome match with Tektons. The 2170 is plenty of power for the Tektons. Can get a used one with all the fixins for well under 3k. 

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Actually your almost correct. I just received my Double Impact SE's they were professionally packed and crated on a Semi tractor trailer. And delivers to my front door. Excellent shipping used by Tekton Design, I was a bit worried but packing and shipment was excellent. The sound of the DI SE's are awesome. I replaced a set of Paradigm Studio 80v2 I have had in my system for 15 years they were a decent speaker. The Tektons are in a league of their own. I am very happy with my purchase. All I can say is Try them. They don't disappoint. 
WISH I had a pair of the behemoths.

years back, tekton. Had those massive 15” on bottom, and the midrange and tweeter array on sale for an amazing price.

 I decided to use my saved $ for a pair of monos.
no regret!

 Wish I had those tekton, hell yes!
wish I did that purchase,
 but, I have a pair of amazing amps, and I found a pair of energy rc-70’s on sale from fry’s for if I remember, as the receipt is in the basement folder, for about 350-400$ for the pair delivered!
 I had an eargasm, when they broke in!

 But owning the. Tekton speakers, they would be powered by either the Carver sunfire 600 Sig or a pair of emotiva xpa-1’s.     Or my grail amps which I picked up for a steal from a divorced lady blowing out the amps for a great price, as she sold them outright on her husband!!!

 Tekton are great speakers, I’m jealous of owners of them!
 Live, presence, airy, mids which are are guttural, and clear.

Moabs w/Be tweeters driven by Krell KAV-3250 also driving Moab center channel for HT listening. BTW, the Moabs are "mighty" as Barry Cox often notes.