What are you using to clean plasma screen?

Well, I finally did it, I ordered the last of the best plasma out there this week, Pioneer Elite! So, I am doing some digging here and was wondering what folks are using to clean the screen. The salesperson was trying to sell me the AudioQuest Cleaner for $19 - I told him I will hold off... He was also offereing warranty to me for $500 for 5 years, parts/labor/replacement and if I don't use the warranty in five years, they will give me $250 store credits - Should I or Shouldn't I? The Elite already comes with a 2 years warranty...

Your Help would be greatly appreciated!
I'm using the supplied micro fiber cloth that came with my 5080 tho it rarely needs it,just wipe very lightly. Pioneer advises against using anything but this cloth and distilled water if necessary so not to harm the coating on the panel surface.

If you used credit card you might have an added year of warranty so the added w$rranty might not be worth it.

If you want to check an owners forum for some good info look to avsforum.
I have an Elite and use the Monster Screen cleaning kit because that is what they carried at the store I bought mine. Some sell the Audioquest kit and that looks to be the very same thing as the Monster and at the same price.
Just don't use anything that has amonia in it. I use it very infrequently on mine and try to use the supplied dust rag that came with it. And use the spray only when it has smudges that require liquid removal.
I use the micro cloth on my Elite Kuros as well. I have the monster kit for other screens but have not used on the Elite. It really doesn't pick up any dust (The Elite Plasma) so no issues yet. I have had the Plasma for over a year.
Check this out:

I use Kimwipes and Sprayway formula 40 graphic arts glass cleaner. I have used them exclusively for all glass and plastic surfaces since being introduced to them more than 30 years ago when I started an apprenticeship shooting negatives in a print shop. Never had a problem in the four years I have owned our Pioneer plasma.
Would like to add one thing,not that any of you use it but,stay the 'H' away from paper towels.

A lot of owners of tt's use paper towels and that's the quickest way to ruin the tt cover/lid.