What are you using to clean LP album covers?

What do you guys use, if anything other than a damp cloth to clean LP album covers. I like to use the plastic sleeves on most of my albums and want the cover to be looking it's best prior to sliding it into the sleeve. This subject has probably came up before but using search turns up nothing for me.
I have tried a number of cleaners, and would highly recommend using Pledge in the aerosol spray can. It provides a cleaner, a bit of oil to add sheen, and a freshener to counter the sometimes musty smell associated with album covers. As far as I can tell, there are no negatives associated with using this product in this way.
Meguiars Scratch-X. Sounds strange to use it, but it cleans off all the grime, makes the picture look better, and leaves a very mild odor. Works ONLY on smooth 'hard' paper, or coated covers. (forget the soft fuzzy paper covers!)
On a very few LP covers, It seems to interact with some other product on/in the coating, then I just clean it off with a damp cloth/paper towel after using. I use Viva paper towels: they are the closest to a soft cloth.
The great thing about Scratch-X is that it lessens the mottled markings of wear on most glossy covers, like ring and label area wear on a cover.
baby wipes. Just carefully blot those paper covers.
Lysol disinfecting wipes for odors, etc.

I also clean up glossy, laminated covers with the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser sponge.