What are you using as a streamer? Constructive feedback please.

Wondering what improvements I can made to my streaming end and what you all are using.

Not looking to rip CDs and I mostly listen to vinyl.

System right now is:

Node 2 (latest version used streaming only with Roon)

Bel Canto e.One ref DAC 2.7

Bel Canto e.One ref CD3t Transport.

Bel Canto e.One ref 501S (best Class D to date to ever grace my system)

Mini GaN 5 ( had to try it and swap it in and out)

AM Qualiton X200 Tube Integrated (love it and gets most use)

QLN Prestige 5 Speakers.

All cables and wires are Signal Cable.

Appreciate the constructive feedback.

Have a great day.




I have a Roon Nucleus powered by Mojo Audio Illuminati power supply. Very happy with it. I stream via Tidal and Qobuz. 

Computer Audio Design CAT feeding an Aesthetix Romulus Eclipse

Gigafoil with Keces LPS on the Ethernet just prior to the CAT

CAD GC1 ground control on the CAT

Upgraded from a Logitech transporter feeding an Arye Codex

i doubt the bits changed but the sound sure did. I used to think it was only the bits that mattered but listening changed my mind 

I tried a number of streamers before committing to a Lumin T2. The Bel Estream was a disappointment, as was the a BlueSound. I did keep a Bluesound Powernode to power the inwalls in my dining room and kitchen, but for critical listening it was not great. Auralic was detailed but dry, the Linn the same. I did not try Aurender as it failed to support Roon. Used a Lumin D2 for a year and it was decent but the T2 was stellar. 

I’m a Innuos Zenith MK3 4TB with Phoenix USB Reclocker (8-10k). I really do like it, but I way over bought considering the rest of my system.

If you’re a vinyl guy you can get buy and enjoy yourself with a lot less.

But price is always a big part of the equation.

I’d recommend the Zen MK3 with a SoTM Tx-usbultra special edition.

New its 4k, but can easily find good pricing and get it for under 3k for both I’m sure.

Basically 90% the the quality and 25% the price.

I tried the SoTM and liked it, but Innuos Phoenix did pull slightly ahead and just wanted all Innuos stuff.

Read over your Integrated and looks good excellent! Very nice set-up.