What are you supporting your Shunyata Hydra on?

What are other Hydra owners using as tuning feet and / or isolation platforms?

Can you elaborate on how these coupling / isolation devices change the sound of the Hydra?
I have mine on the bottom shelf of my Arcici suspense rack. then it's sitting on 3 dh cones and footers. Just more...real similar to what cones do for a cd player...tightens up the bass a little, more air.
I have it sitting on Black Diamond Racing Cones. Seems to do fine there. I do not like it on carpet.
100 lbs. slab of marble
Mine is on a Nueance shelf with EAR footers. I've tried it with a BDR shelf but was not pleased with the PRAT. I've tried BDR cones along with titanium and brass cones, all are less pleasing that the EAR.
I use 6 cheap but efficient vibapods in a rack .. I tried the Dhrama III bearing system but found no improvment whatsoever.. not sure anything would actually