What are you streaming tonight?

As we are in the modern age of music I thought I would see how this fares.
We have threads specific for cdp and tt so why not streaming as it is a modern media.
I don't care if you stream Tidal, Deezer, Spotify, Paradise Radio or any number of internet stations.
I would like you to share your tastes and method of streaming.
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Whos Next ..... The Who.

Qobuz hires
Tennille Townes - The Lemonade Stand

Qobuz Hi-Res

Frank Sinatra - The Concert Sinatra

Canned Goods
Greg Brown
just popped up on Tidal.  
I’m a noob and have a question on streaming methods:

I have a Marantz SR6014 receiver that I use as a preamp feeding into a Parasound A21 for my main speakers (Martin Logan Motion 60XT). Have used Audyssey MultiEq editor app for room correction. I have a Chromecast and an Apple TV connected as the only two input sources to the AVR. So, I can stream from my phone / tablet via:

1. Chromecast
2. Apple TV (not the 4K version but the prior one)

I have Qobuz and Tidal HiFi subscriptions.

My observations:
1. Streaming via Chromecast sounds better than via Apple TV, for some reason. Streaming via HEOS app is excellent too (better than via Apple TV)
2. Streaming Qobuz via Qobuz app sounds better than streaming Tidal via Tidal app. More important:streaming Tidal using HEOS app sounds better (for some reason) than streaming using the Tidal app on the phone

I do have a Dragonfly Red but do not use that with my system at the moment (like to have my phone in my hand than by my receiver).

So, the Question:

Am I streaming the right way? Am I using the AVR preamp DAC in each of those cases (HEOS app vs Tidal app) vs using the phone DAC (undesired)?