What are you streaming tonight?

As we are in the modern age of music I thought I would see how this fares.
We have threads specific for cdp and tt so why not streaming as it is a modern media.
I don't care if you stream Tidal, Deezer, Spotify, Paradise Radio or any number of internet stations.
I would like you to share your tastes and method of streaming.
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Welcome to hires streaming!

Interesting comparison between Tidal and Qobuz which I agree with 100%.

I think it maybe your internet giving you fits on dropouts?

I am honestly say I do not get dropouts ever since I upgraded my router to latest provided by my provider.

Now as to the Qobuz web experience, yes the desktop version sucks.

The iPad and Android apps are infinitely better IMHO.
On Tidal, Undone: Live at the Crypt - Tom Skinner, Dave Okumu, Tom Herbert.
Metallic Spheres .... The Orb.


Definitely not my thing at all, so much for that recommended group.

Relics .... Pink Floyd
oblgny, nice write-up!  I was tempted to try Tidal, but I am having so much fun with Qobuz on my PowerNode 2i I haven’t gotten around to it.  Think I’ll put Tidal off a bit longer.  
I agree that Qobuz is not as comprehensive as I might like, but it does have more than enough for me to listen to in my lifetime.   I hope it’s selection will grow over time, but for now I can find MOST of what I want and so much new stuff...

I have not had drop-outs with my PowerNode 2i.  Might be your internet connection?