What are you streaming tonight?

As we are in the modern age of music I thought I would see how this fares.
We have threads specific for cdp and tt so why not streaming as it is a modern media.
I don't care if you stream Tidal, Deezer, Spotify, Paradise Radio or any number of internet stations.
I would like you to share your tastes and method of streaming.
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It's a hard life Laser and takes a special mentality and breed. Not for everyone.

All week has been Spotify daily mixes to and from work/hotel etc.
All good stuff!
Been at the travelling engineer game since 1997 and its starting to wear a little thin.

Soon be time for a change of pace though but honestly getting back to the hotel room at 9pm after leaving at 7am is tiring.
Second Life Syndrome..... Riverside.

Ice Cream In Hell .... Tinsley Ellis.

She Hangs Brightly.... Mazzy Swan.

RIP David Roback.

Won't be much time for music this weekend.
20th wedding anniversary and away to enjoy the time.
Keep up the great work here and everywhere!
Streaming is for people who know nothing about music and are just happy someone else chooses the most popular crap for you.
Interesting perspective and you are most welcome to it and even to share it.
However it does appear you have not done your homework and double checked posters here to turntable threads.
Thanks and good luck!
Thx Greg and GK ( I think....🙄🙄)
Liquid …… Blind Ego


Not quite sure how to describe the sound of this band, some type of modern prog rock I guess?
Whatever I like it a lot!
Picture Perfect .... 12 Stones.

Preaching to the Choir .... Blind Ego.

To follow logically.....

Tales from Outer Space .... RPWL.

Qobuz hires

Spectacular SQ!!
Next up ....
Birds of Pray .... Live.

Another of my favorite bands.

Preaching to the Choir .... Blind Ego.

Yes again... Lol.

I knew what you meant Ghost!

When you get time check out RPWL.

Not really a quasi Floyd band IMHO.
Anthem for The Underdog ….. 12 Stones.

Aurora ..... Breaking Benjamin.

Badlands .... Trampled Under Foot.

The Mountain .... Haken.

British prog rock/metal
Liquid Tension Experiment 2.


Courtesy of Nutty.
Ghost Stories .... The Dream Syndicate.

Glad everyone seems to be liking RPWL as well.
That Tales from Outer Space is .... Stellar!😁😁
Spotify hair metal daily mix.
Succumbed to my inner child here.
I grew up on a heavy diet of MTV and hair metal.
Quiet Riot.
Great White

All good anthemic songs!
Volume in the car on 11 and windows down and bugger what anyone thinks of the old fat guy with a silly grin 😂 n his face banging his head while driving!

A great day indeed!
Wolf Den .... Danielle Nicole

Qobuz hires
Great stuff 16f4.

I am really taken with Blind Ego.
Change of pace.

F8 .... Five Finger Death Punch.

Qobuz hires
Coat of Arms .... Wishbone Ash.

Qobuz hires
Ghosteen ..... Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds.

Qobuz hires
Good question Greg.
I have it on SACD and it is definitely a system test disc!
Liquid .... Blind Ego.

New Blood ..... Peter Gabriel.

Qobuz hirez 
Highlands...... White Heart.

I must admit to having some bias as they are English!
We thought of them as the English Dream Theater although a little more eclectic at times.
Not for everyone though.
I have been a huge IQ fan since day one back many years ago.( Early eighties?).
In fact the very first album I listened to called Nomzamo is still one of my favorites and gets played a lot.

Check out also The Road of Bones, I think my second favorite.
Lots of Spotify today
Finding some great nu2me music every day.
Good stuff indeed!
Live at High Voltage Festival 2011 ... Spocks Beard.

Moxy S/T.

Kind of had too after all the talk on the tt thread.
Cry No More.... Danielle Nicole.

I had heard her previous album, Wolfs Den which is ok but this is vastly improved IMHO.
Not a bad cut on it!
Black Coffee .... Beth Hart.

Candy from A Stranger .... Soul Asylum.

England Is A Garden..... Cornershop.

The Flame in All of Us .... Thousand Foot Krutch.

I was very impressed with Three Chords when I streamed it.
I then recorded it to reel tape at high speed, sounds even better!
High Time ..... MC5.

Great question that I have never even considered.
But it does.
Master analog recording is all done on high speed tapes.
I'm sure Google knows....
I guess I could also ask why does an lp sound better at 45rpm than 33rpm?
why should tape sound better at 15ips than 7.5ips or 3.75ips?
Inquiring minds need to know!
Qobuz hires is hard to beat Tomic.

There is some fantastic music out there all for $15 a month.

Doubtful we will ever convince brother Slaw to come to the dark side.......
Citizens of Boomtown .... The Boomtown Rats.

Qobuz hires
The Great Adventour.... The Neal Morse Band.

Qobuz hires