What are you streaming tonight?

As we are in the modern age of music I thought I would see how this fares.
We have threads specific for cdp and tt so why not streaming as it is a modern media.
I don't care if you stream Tidal, Deezer, Spotify, Paradise Radio or any number of internet stations.
I would like you to share your tastes and method of streaming.
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Jump Live.... Van Halen.

How are you finding the Pandora Premium working out for you?
It was on my shortlist to try as I have been using the basic Pandora for years now. 
I will start off with 

Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino... Arctic Monkeys via Tidal .
I hear you on the commercials!
Good information and thank you!
Streaming Parallel Lines by Blondie
Via Tidal on my phone at the airport waiting to go to work, groan!
Hell of a set up there Mapman!
Sounds like you have just about every base covered!
I am paranoid! I made two backups of my Vault drive and two of my PC drive!
4 separate 2tb usb drives in total, I try to update the image every couple weeks.
Overkill maybe but after having restored everything to a new pc drive after failure it is well worth the insurance!
Completely agree on cdp usage
I sold my esoteric as I could not stand its accusing stare every day from not being used...lol.
I have an old Pioneer cdp just in case though.....

I am hopeful this thread can be the modern day equivalent of your cdp thread.
What a modern world we live in!
streaming Tidal in-flight on my phone!
Attention Attention... Shinedown

I had choice of both!
Seriously live internet at 36000ft.
But yes I have a lot of content I have dl for offline use as well
I fly for work all the time, 2.4 million miles on Delta alone so far, work pays for it, not too bad $50 for a month of unlimited in air internet.

I have "just" a 64gb sd card in my phone
Bloodletting... Concrete Blonde
Tidal via phone
Hotel California... The Eagles
Never gets old.
Via Tidal on my Laptop
Going to have to invest in a decent travel bluetooth speaker sooner or later.
Any suggestions welcomed!
Eat The Elephant... A Perfect Circle
Their finest IMHO
Nice Ghosthouse!

Audioslave self titled album.
Imho Chris came across better in Audioslave than Soundgarden although I know many disagree.
Via Tidal on laptop in hotel
Tidal hifi at $20 a month is the real winner here!
Nice newf27!
If you had told me 2 years ago that I would be streaming and hearing better sq than my Esoteric could put forth I would have laughed you out of town.
Now I am streaming probably 50% of my music, the remainder is split between vinyl and cassette!
Final cut for tonight

A Decade of Domination.....Pantera

Brutal! Just right to send one to sleep...lol
Some blasts from the blasts there freediver!

I am having an 80,s  moment or 3 myself

Simple Minds, Talk Talk, Men At Work, Frankie Goes To Hollywood etc.
And probably would not buy one of them just search and destroy from Tidal!
The Ghost Moon Orchestra... Mostly Autumn

Tidal has been fine in my hotel room tonight!
Start the morning off on the way home on the plane
Tidal via my phone

One Day Remains.... Alter Bridge
New MQA masters release on Tidal.
The Prodigal Son... Ry Cooder
Everybody else is doing it... The Cranberries.

Home at last so Tidal via my rig glorious SQ!
Very interesting for those looking at streaming options in the USA right now

Lazy day today
Streaming Pandora free basic on "my Shinedown" station.
Over the years Pandora has been "trained" pretty well on what I like and do not like so very rarely does it even play a song I do not like.
Makes for great background music while attempting to catch up with household chores!
Just signed up for Deezer, will see how it compares to Tidal
Premium plus normal is 9.99 a month but as new user got first 3 months at just 0.99!
Cancel anytime so hard to go wrong!
Bossanova... The Pixies
Via Deezer
V is for Viagara.... Puscifer.

Hard to tell any real sq difference between Tidal and Deezer so far.
Deezer interface seems to be very similar to Tidal so I find it to be intuitive.

Tidal MQA titles have a slight edge but both streaming same 16/44 is a bust!
The Singles Remastered... New Order
Via Deezer
Organization... Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark.

Via Deezer
Alice in Chains Greatest Hits

Just listened to Shake yer Money maker.
The Black Crowes.
In the car Via Tidal via Bluetooth.
What a wonderful world we live in!
Very impressed with what Deezer term "Flow".
Its like a Pandora self made station but on steroids!
Very adapting and full 16/44 CD quality.
If Tidal does go belly up I could make do with Deezer.
Metallica live with San Francisco Symphony Orchestra.
Never even knew this existed.

Mind blowing!
Never more(acoustic).... The Art of Dying
Chronicles..greatest hits.. Creedence Clearwater Revival
Everybody to their own of course.
I also have a tt, a CD player AND a Nakamichi cassette player.
And they ALL get a turn.
Does not mean that streaming is "for kids" at all.
Just my opinion......
Lets see
At airport now streaming Deezer Flow.
Not something I can achieve with a tt.
Yes many moons ago there was the ubiquitous Sony Walkman in both cassette and CD forms.
Think only Geoff Kait listens to those now......
Excellent question.
There are those who consider your method good enough for sure.
Personally I went for a higher sq via Tidal streamed through a Bluesound vault2. But all depends what streaming service and how much you prepared to spend.
I can tell you that Tidal HiFi is much richer sounding in my system than say radio paradise or Spotify but it should be at $20 a month
Streaming Deezer Hard Rock radio channel via my phone to company shop floor stereo!
We have never had it so good.
Pm me if you have any vault or tidal question and be glad to help.
Had my Vault for 18 months and tidal for over 1 year.
Good luck!

Still not really given Radio Paradise a good run yet, its on my todo list!

Glad I tried Deezer though so far.
Love their Hard Rock station and Flow.
More streaming via phone to shop floor stereo today
Integrity Blues.. Jimmy eat the World
Live and inspired.... Godsmack
Night Visions... Imagine Dragons
Can be hard to find MQA only on tidal as they refuse to clump them all together to make it easy.
Do you see a "master's" tab?
Masters means MQA.
I see that tab on tidal phone app through my Bluesound Vault.
Boston, self titled debut album.
Even after all this time from its 1976 release I still find it to have a fresh feel.
Love at first Sting.  ....The Scorpions.
Remastered 2015