What are you streaming tonight?

As we are in the modern age of music I thought I would see how this fares.
We have threads specific for cdp and tt so why not streaming as it is a modern media.
I don't care if you stream Tidal, Deezer, Spotify, Paradise Radio or any number of internet stations.
I would like you to share your tastes and method of streaming.
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Layers / Les McCann / Qobuz 
Ray Bonneville / Goin’ By Feel / Qobuz
Nils Wulker / Go / Qobuz (HR)
Rick Braun / Crossroads / Qobuz (HR)
Gabor Szabo  / High Contrast / Qobuz (CD)
Julian Coryell / Without You / Qobuz (CD)

a little smoooooooth jazz!
John Hiatt / Bring the Family / Qobuz
Bohren & Der Club of Gore / Patchouli Blue / Qobuz.

  Nothing like settling down to some dark jazz!
Good Rats / Tasty / Qobuz (CD)
Annie Lennox / Nostalgia 
I have been addicted to Govi today.

Jesse Cook 
Beyond Borders
Govi / Jewel Box / Qobuz 
I think Joe Bonamassa is a very talented guitarist.  Also check him out in the band Black Country Communion. That band has Joe,Glenn Hughes,Jason Bonham,and Derek Sherinian. Really good stuff.
Bobby Rush / Raw / Qobuz
Michael Gulezian / Language of the Flame / Qobuz 
Steve Khan / Patchwork / Qobuz 
Steve Gadd Band / Steve Gadd Band / Qobuz HR

  Lots of streaming for me lately. My back is pretty screwed up,and getting up to change records is kind of painful.
Eddie “Lockjaw”Davis and Johnny Griffin / Essential Jazz Masters / Qobuz 
uberwaltz,your pick of Mad Season by Matchbox Twenty,made me think of the band Mad Season, so......

Mad Season / Above / Qobuz (HR)
Randy Brecker / 34th n Lex / Qobuz (CD)
Iggy Pop / Free / Qobuz (CD)