What are you sitting on?

My wife and i are at the midpoint of our new dedicated room construction and thoughts have now turned to furniture...

We want to have the ability to enjoy this room ourselves but also with like minded friends! [probably no more then a couple of extra people at a time ]so...

As far as chairs, couches, etc.etc. what did you find that gave great comfort and proper height and that can be integrated at the same time?

Room is 26 by 20 by 11ft...

Thanks to you all and have a Happy Thanksgiving.
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This thread will probably be of interest.

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Personally I take music in much better when I am in horizontal position. Or is it that the music takes me in ?
Anyway, sitting is not so good.
We recently purchased a set of 4 Ikea Jopling leather chairs, they are on sale for $200 each. Very firm yet comfortable chairs. Easy to move around and rearrange. I'm using one for my listening chair.
Whatever you do, don't go for anything leather. It is highly reflective and will muddy the sound. LazyBoy? Of course. Skip anything that is a recliner as it tilts the head to a less then optimum listening position. Comfort is the hallmark of the line. They make some very attractive pieces. Finally, ban anything that is made of glass. That material 'rings' and will create major problems in getting good sound.
An imaginary pile of money I saved by not buying audio equipment.