What are you powering your Martin Logans with????

I have a set of Prodigy's that are being powered by a Audio Research VT200. It sounds great, I recently upgraded from Sonic Frontiers Power 2. System sounds much cleaner, with a deeper soundstage, and just smooooth. I am wondering what other people's set-up's are and what they think of them.

Anyone using Wolcott mono's........... or other ARC gear????
I am using a Krell fpb 300 on my Prodigys and am as happy as a puppy with 2 tails. My system consists of a Wadia 861 connected to the Krell by Select 1130 then 2 pairs of 3035's to the prodigys. System #3 on the Martin Logan site.
Bi-amped with Levinson Reference 20s and Krell KMA 160s I have tried quite a few amps with the Monoliths (these are modified by the way) and this one has worked very well for me.
CJ MF2500. Sounds right to me.
C/J premier 17 to premier 12 mono's. C/J EV1 phono stage(very underrated) Linn Lp12/ekos/Grado Statement, sony sacd777es, Audioquest silver cables and I/C's(varying ages and models)Hooked up to Odyssey's. Sounds like the musicians are in the room!! Isn't that what we're after?
Gilbert Yeung of Blue Circle Audio likes Martin Logan's. He has a pair of Accents and Odessey; and a PINK colored pair of CLS made special for him by ML I guess as a joke. You can sure they are powered by his gear. They are also used to test his gear (among some other brands).
My CLSIIz speakers are powered by a pair of Blue Circle AG8000 monblocks. Scary..... I have also heard Odysseys, Aeons, Ascents powered by various Blue Circle amps. They are very well matched - mind you, Blue Circle seems to work well with an assortment of stuff.
I used to own Martin Logan Requests and powered them with Clayton M70 monoblocks. The sound was phenomenal to the point of goosebumps mated with an Audible Illusions L1 preamp. I missed that set up at times... The high current Clayton amps are a match made in heaven with ML's. I saw a pair for sale $2800.00. which is a good price.

I now own the Clayton S40 and will be using Rick Reimer Wind River GS speakers when they arrive.
I have the original CLS. Power in the past has consisted of Classe CA200, Conrad Johnson premier 5 monos (in triode and UL modes), 47 Lab Gaincard (it worked well!), Antique Sound Lab 1006-845 monos and lately Electronluv vv45-845 monos (< 20wpc). The amount of power that these supposedly need is overstated.

I run two Classe 25 power amps with Acsents, and bi-amp the amps, also using a Classe CP-60 preamp and the system kicks @ss! Classe amps work great with Logans.
I ran them in mono and prefer them bi-amped, a bit more musical sounding, 3-D, air, sound stage is wall to wall and instruments seem to float with lots of space between instruments. a synergy thing!
I'm bi-amping my monolith II's with a Counterpoint SA-220 driving the panels and a Classe 15 driving the bottoms. Not very esoteric, but nonetheless, a pleasing combination. The active Crossover version is, in my opinion a no-brainer.
ML SL3s driven by VTL MB450s.
I'm running my Ascents with a no feedback Threshold S/500II.
I'm running SL3's powered by two CJ MF2500's and a Depth sub. I was using ARC D-130's, they were a little on the dry side for my taste. I don't think ARC's ss amp are in the same league with their tube amps. I found the ss CJ's to have a much warmer sound.
I am currently powering my Aerius i's with the PS Audio HCA-2 which I find provides enough power. There is good bass extension and the sound is quite vivid without being edgy or harsh- almost tube-like as advertised. It does help that my Pass Labs X2.5 brings out all the good qualities of this amp.

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ML SL3s driven by a McCormack DNA 1/B gives pretty good synergy.
Krell kst 100 .Smooooooooooooooooooooooooooooth
I used to have the Audio Research VT100 on Martin Logan Ascents and they sounded great, but needed more power. I then bought a VT200 and for one reason or another I did not like the sound. I ended up up with a Pass Labs X250 and was very happy with the match. I have since replaced the Martin Logan Ascent's with the Odyssey and am replacing the X250 to the X350 for some more power. I looked at the Wolcott mono's but had no way to audition them; I have heard the are a good match?? Since I know the Pass and Martin Logan sound and like it a lot, I just stayed with the Pass amps.
VTL IT85... wow, tubes sound great with ML Aerius. Later added VAC Renaissance 70/70... now that sounds SWEEET!!
new setup just acquired used; Pass X-250 amp w/ Pass X-2 preamp, great results.
I used to run my SL3's with the Krell KST 100--smooth but not enough power to meet the demands at moderate volumes. I swithched the KST to mono to run the cinema cc with very good smooth non-fatiguing sound.

Presently running the front SL3's with Mccormack DNA-2 DLX. I am very happy with the set up--very sweet and musical, clarity and bass effect is exceptional. I wish I could play them louder but the ML's tend to distort at aroung 62dB on my ARAGON soundstage-the volume at this level is quite loud. It is just like trying to see how stable a sports car @150-160 miles an hour.
Sequel IIs driven by CJ PF-R pre-amp and CJ MV-55 tube amp.

Currently using Pass X250 with CJ-16LS preamp and Audiomeca front end (Mephisto II and Enkianthus DAC). Wonderful sound on my Odysseys.
Metaxas Iraklis - superb with ESL's. I tried Naim, Krell and Audio Innovations, but none of them could match the Metaxas for absolute musicality and realism.
Thanks for all of the feedback on this thread. However I am still wondering about the Wolcott's and ARC VT200........ Maybe there is nobody using these amps an ML's????????