What Are You Listening To Right Now?What is the Source?

I got this idea from another forum I frequent & thought with the new format it might be cool to try here.In the wee hours of the mourning here in the Pac.NW.Streaming Pandora One,listening to Classic Rock,Electric Blues & sipping a Glendronach 12 year old single malt.have a great Saturday everyone!
I suggest Pangaea by Miles Davis and 18 year old Glenlivet.
I just finished listening to the vinyl soundtrack of "Elf" with Guinness IPA.  Both excellent.  'tis the season!
Listening to the new Steve Martin/Edie Brickell album "So Familiar", via Tidal with a nice mug of hot chocolate .  Excellent, both album and streaming service.  I LOVE TIDAL!!!

Snowing here in Northern Colorado.  Perfect day for some high-end audio enjoyment.
Thelonious Monk "The Complete Columbia Live Albums Collection" 83 tracks! Streamed from Tidal to my Sonos and out to my Yamamoto YDA-1 Dac. I also love Tidal. Drinking water GFs birthday dinner so a lot of drinking will be done later tonight!
I am listening to "Roger Waters The Wall" on my Sony HAPZ1ES  Media player through my Rogue Cronus Magnum Integrated and my Odyssey Kismet Reference Floorstanding Speakers. Also consuming a little 420.  Life is good
Getting into the holiday spirit with the family - currently spinning Robert Shaw Chorale "Many Moods of Christmas" on the CEC TL-0 / Stahl Tek Vekian Opus.   Sipping Verve Coffee Roasters Vancouver blend made using Hario VDG pourover method.  Stereo5 is right - life is good.

Listening to The Trackless Woods by Iris Dement. Drinking Bloody Mary's made with Mr. & Mrs. T Bold & Spicy mix and cheap vodka. How appropriate---the words of a Russian poet set to music and vodka!

Teddy Edwards, Sunset Eyes. Redbook via Foobar.
Some lame show....the television.  Should just turn it off, nothing on.  If I were using the stereo, I wouldn't be here.
Fourplay "Silver" using "Tidal" through a Schiit Gungnir into Parasound Halo P5  A-21 and B&W 804D’s eith twin SVS SB 2000’s

I’m in heaven!
David Murray, Ming, LP on Clearaudio TT
I am listening to the space between my ears as I read the forum. On 12yr Highland Single Malt. 
Most recently, 18 year old Highland, Dave Brubeck Take Five on vinyl
Just got done listening to J.J. Cale "Collected".  3 LP, 180 gram on Music On Vinyl.

I had forgotten how great J.J. Cale was.  He wrote many songs that went on to be top hits for other artists, but he had a very gifted voice and was a top notch guitar player.  

He never really wanted, (or sought out) the fame and notoriety that went along with being a star.

R.I.P. J.J.   Thanks for leaving us such a legacy.
Another great like J.J. was Danny Gatton, who, though considered the best living guitarist by many pro's (Vince Gill nick-named him "The Humbler"), preferred to stay home and play locally, and work on restoring vintage cars. He's gone now too.
Some Muzak version of Petite Fleur on one of those Readers Digest compilations.  Nice recordings here and this one has a very nice Hammond organ lead with harpsichord and bass backbeat.