What are you getting for $12k in a pre-pro?

First of all, I have no need for the 2-channel section in a pre-pro..period.

However, I am in the market for for a processor with 5.1 analog inputs. I am currently using a Sunfire Theater Grand II. To me, it sounds outstanding with digital coaxial connection...but, I understand going with a processor with a direct 5.1 analog hookup will be better with my hi-def dvd player.

I am considering a Theater Grand III because it has the 5.1 analog inputs.

What puzzles me is, for movies, how much better will a $10-12k processor be than the Sunfire Theater Grand III for showing movies? Please don't talk about 2-channel attributes here, just the ability to play back the audio on a dvd for movies. For several years I have been content with the sound I've been getting listening to movies. Now with all this hi-def dvd stuff going on, I'm wondering if I'm missing out on anything. And, for the life of me, I can't help wondering what a $10k and up pre-pro will do for a dvd that a $3500 pre-pro will not do, or how much better it will be.

Please, I just want to understand what's going on. I'm very new to the high-end on home theater and I just need to know what I'm missing, if anything by not having one of those $10k and up pre-pros.

Also, do the people that have $10-12k pre-pros generally use them for their primary 2-channel listening also? Or, is that $10k just for the playback of dvd's?

Please, I am not one of those people that bash others for spending large sums on their gear...lord knows that I've spent my share too. I just want my money's worth.

Please see my system page to see the associated equipment.

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Can you please tell us which hi-def player it is? If it is the HD-A2 then it omits the multi-channel analog outputs. Only the x model has them. This would negate your need for the multi-channel inputs.
Another commment, I thought the sunfire grand II had a db-25 input on back for connection to a external processor or dvd player?
My player is the Toshiba HD-XA2 with the 5.1 channel outputs.

The Theater Grand does have the db-25 6-channel input on the back, but there is no db-25 output on the dvd player.
"The Theater Grand does have the db-25 6-channel input on the back, but there is no db-25 output on the dvd player"

Many cable makers, will make you a cable....rca's on one end, db-25 connection on the other...no big thing.

Can't help with the rest, sorry.