What are you doing with your tax return?

Let's have fun filling up this thread with even dream spendings:
Answer in two parts the first one will neglect WAF and the second one with WAF presence.
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I'd be dreaming that I was getting a tax return...

If I had one coming, I'd buy a Tact RCS 2.0 including WAF. Neglecting WAF, I'd buy the Tact and a pair of Dynaudio Confidence 5's, along with an upgraded amp. -Kirk

Since I'm single, I'll only answer once.

1) Sony DV9000ES....progressive DVD/SACD-likely sell my Pioneer Elite DV-09 for it so that really won't take a refund.

2) A Mitsubishi RPHDTV-they're the only folks offering to gaurantee future compatability.

3) Activ Linn 5120's with 5105 amps for the surrounds... just to round out the HT.

4) Mark Levinson 383 integrated amp for the bedroom.

That ought to keep me happy for a while.....yeah right! I could buy all that and still be buying more by February!
If I had any money coming.... (which I don't considering all the stock I have sold this year)

WAF - Wife wants a Zero G Panasonic Massage chair that costs about $2k. Feels great... only I have no idea where we would put it.

Without WAF - Heh, heh, heh.... I'd get a computer specifically designed to play music (through a digital out) and process video. I'd hook the computer up to our TV and 2 channel setup as well as the HT setup. I would also consider a SACD/DVD player as well.

Merry X-Mas folks.

I owed $5600.00 and my wife let me pay it without any objections. I wish I had some stock to sell, the attack on NYC has seriously affected the advertising market, not the least of which, my airline customer.
marakanetz: do you mean "tax refund"? a "tax return" is comprised of the schedules and attachments one files with the irs or a state taxing authority. i haven't received a tax refund since 1985. and i'd happily trade albert's obligations for mine. -cfb
I'm glad to see that i'm not the only one feeding the poor and huddled masses with my "tax refunds".... Sean
Tax Refund???? I have not had one of those in many years. I refuse to give our Federal, State and Local Governments interest free loans. The amount I typically owe after completing my Tax Return is not quite as much as Albert's, but it's not much less. It's your money gang, you worked hard to earn it....interset free loans to the government...or keep it to do with what you want to do. :~) Doug
I assumed you meant the $600 tax rebate. I vowed to spend it all on CDs...and so far, I'm well on my way, exploring the Jazz genre a little more fully.
Hmmm, thanks for bringing that up. Since the Federal government was kind enough to demand I pay more in anticipated taxes than I earned from my self employment this year, (I did all my side jobs as an employee), I have a nice big chunk of money coming in. Sorry, gotta run! The AudiogoN classifieds are calling :-).
Oops, forgot I'm married, nevermind, it's spent! :-)
On the few occassions when we've actually gotten a refund, it's automatically gone into our household account; which, BTW, does not include stereo equipment.

If I could hog it all-- about $127. I'd guess, I'd put it in my account for a 2nd Levinson M37 transport or 39 CD player. Cheers. Craig.
WAF wants a pellet stove insert for the fireplace.
I will take a pair of Nautilus 803.

You should never have a refund if you want to eliminate WAF control of the refund. If you plan your withholding or paid estimated tax properly, there won't be a refund. If you're sure your income will be higher, all you need to pay in is an amount equal to your prior year tax (110% for you high income folks). This is the safe harbor; no penalty no matter how much more you owe on April 15th.
Enjoy!! Sugarbrie CPA

If Marankenetz and the others were talking about the $600 check you got courtesy Prez (cough, cough) Bush, then you should have read the fine print. Its not a refund, its an advance against your 2001 refund, if you overpay your withholding and/or estimateds. If you underpay, then you'll owe $600 more!!! Some refund. It was all smoke and mirrors. As for me, all I ever do come 4/15 is write big checks to Uncle.
Like Albertporter et al, I usually wind up paying, although only ~3k. This year I owed $3,600.00 & since I decided to stop operating as an independent, I'm paying my taxes on the installment plan. Of course, the $600.00 rebate went towards the taxes owed. When we get our 1040 refund this year, both WAF scenarios dictate a new sofa. Gotta have somewhere to sit to listen to the tunes, eh?
The WAF has been replaced in my house by the BNF factor (Baby Needs Food). I just finsished replacing a majority of my system and want only for a new digital front end right now. If the return is big enough I'll get a tricked out MSB Link III ,replace some of my cables and be done for quite a while.

The rebate? I think we bought a new window for the baby's room with that.
I already spent my $600.. on a used Rega Planet.. it's great! 1st CD player I ever owned.. (I'm a die hard rega ANALOG fan)
The IRS ended up with the loot until this year.I would have to correct the situation early next year.As for the 300.00 advance i owed the HI-FI place the loot for a pair of WHITE mono-blocks.By the way they sound great.As for next years refund if I do get something,it will be another Conrad Johnson amp to bi-amp again.Or another ROLEX.Cheers.
Refund: Maybe a down payment on a set of vibrapods.-- WAF?? Them lil' suckers come in colors??
Self employed. No Refunds. They kept my $300.00 check for back taxes.

No Wife. They cost to much.