What are we "hear" for?

When we asked for the "best blues" for example, are you after:

1. Best recording (sound quailty)
2. Best performance by artist
3. Best performance to fit style of music
4. Best artist for the style of music.

Of course we want them ALL, but which one's the most important?
If you had to pick one, which one would it be?
Best performance for style of music.
its the song or the tune
Your not one of those who buys a CD for just one song and doesn't listen to the rest of the CD?

For me I buy for the quality in the recording.
For me it needs to be #1 and #2.

If the recording is over-processed (much of the pop music) it sounds compressed and has a lack of air. This is unacceptable with my system, it will drive the listener crazy. The performance must also be convincing and emotional. If it is just songs, despite how well recorded it does not get much play. If the songs have emotion and meaning, and the recording quality is good, I tend to play them quite often.