What are used tubes worth ?

My ARC VT100 blew one output tube (the filament opened) so I replaced the entire octet.
So, I have seven 6550 output tubes that work fine, and have probably 800 to 1000 hours on them. They are the original tubes that came with the amp.
Any idea what they might be worth ?

Why not look what the matching numbers are and order a new matching tube? Then you would have a backup set. I would email Jim Mcshane for the new tube.

Are you sure though that they are the original tubes and only have 800 to 1000 hours? If that is a VT 100 mk1 it is probably 18 years old.
It is a Mk II amplifier. The hours do sound low. I used the amp only a few hours per month. What can I say, I was busy with career and raising 3 kids, so I had very little time to listen to it. Anyway, I sold the amp, but still have these tubes.
Agree that they are not worth much as most want matched sets, but since you have no use for them, they are at least worth something. Price in part would be based on their normal life expectancy...
Tubes, not like fine wine, are not worth the trouble of using. Look for new, which avoids stress.
Have them tested and publish the results("minimum" specs, compared to actual, at least) in your description(ie: on eBay). That way bidders will have an idea of how much life to expect from the tubes. (http://www.ebay.com/itm/Hickok-Tested-Used-RCA-6SN7-GT-Amplifier-Tube-Gray-Glass-/141556068170?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item20f5662f4a) If it's worth it to you; these guys can test them: (http://tctubes.com/tube-testing-service.aspx)
I can understand where everyone is coming from in this thread...

That said, it's also the reason I get fantastic tubes at such reasonable pricing. As you can see here, people look down their noses at used tubes.

Apart from some of the upper echelon products introduced in the past 5 or so years, older tubes simply perform better than newer variants. By that I mean, both sonically, and when it comes to longevity. In fact, some old tubes seem to defy logic when it comes to how long they'll last.

Claiming NOS, whether true or not, whether known or not, spikes the price folks are willing to pay. The converse also proves true. Obviously the same holds for newer production tubes, as well.

No sleight to anyone who drinks off the top shelf. As for me, I'll buy the same sonics at a huge discount. Use it to your advantage.
I have invested in a Beck RM-1 tube tester. Although only the ears can be the final test of a tube's musicality, it should help avoid bad tubes, at least.
Thanks Rodman99999. I will contact tctubes to inquire about testing.
Does anybody know anyone in the San Diego area who can test them?
@Mr M- You're welcome. There is probably a musical instrument/amp repair shop, in your area, that could help you with that. ie: You might try these guys: (http://www.keyboardservice.com/Organ_Repairs.asp) or (http://www.topgearguitar.com/tghome/)