What are U using? Coax,ATT,XLR??

I just upgraded my digital to an Audiologic 34 with a Genesis Lens which has allowed me the use of every kind of input and output cable. The Lens states the ATT cable offers the widest bandwidth, what are all you people using out there? I dont notice many ATT cables for sale on Audiogon and wonder if that is due to bliss, lack of utilization of that format or what? thx
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I like the AT&T connection, but they do not all sound the same, in fact you have to be very careful to find a good one. Audioquest make (or should I say, have selected)a goodie. The beauty of AT&T is more dynamics and detail, and you eliminate earth-borne jitter. But some people prefer earth-borne jitter because it adds warmth - albeit a dirty and veiling warmth.
I use the Lens too, and have used Altis Altimate optical and van den Hul AES/EBU (homemade from his wire), and now use a Stealth Varidig S/PDIF. The Stealth, claiming to be the only true 75 ohm cable around, blows the other two away, not even close. Despite having RCA connectors, which, despite being the industry standard, more or less, are inferior to BNC's. The Altis was pleasantly liquid and soft, but after a while I realized that I was simply missing out on detail.
You should call Jerry Ozment at Audio Logic. When I spoke with him about adding a second coax input to my unit to let me hook up a DVD player as a 24/96 transport, my recollection is he felt that the coax was the best input option of those available with the unit. He may feel differently with your using the Genesis; either way, the man is a wealth of information on digital matters and very accommodating on the phone. By the way, I'm a big fan of this processor so I'm prejudiced, but I think you've made a great choice!
If ATT is your interest, the BEST ATT cable is the Aural Symphonics Optimism glass cable. Highly recommended.
Rather than sticking all sorts of devices between yor Transport and DAC, I like custom interfaces like Spectral or Levinson etc. Other than that ATT Optical wins easily.