What are "true" balanced connectors

Hello All,

I am considering buying an Odyssey Stratos amplifier. I noticed it is described as having XLR (bridged) inputs

My very limited knowledge of balanced circuits is telling me this is not a "true" balanced configuration...

Am I right on this?

Any help will be much appreciated

PM Ralph Karsten (atmasphere).
He will set you straight. His products are truly balanced according to the specifications.

Well Bob, I wasn't looking for a "commercial"...

All I need to know is what an XLR bridged input means

XLR bridged : Same electrical properties as an RCA connector. The XLR connector is there for convenience only.

It will work, but you loose the fantastic noise cancellation possible by a true XLR cable.

This "bridge" is done by shorting the (-) and ground pins together.

By comparison, a true balanced situation is when the (+) and (-) and ground are separate, and the (-) carries the opposite of the (+) signal.

By reading both the (+) and (-) and summing them electronically you can cancel out noise picked up along the way.

This is not the same as having a truly balanced preamp or amplifier, that's a whole other story. :)

The Odyssey Stratos amp is not a true balanced amp.  The inputs are there strictly for convenience and if you look inside, you will see they are connected to the RCA jacks.