What Are They Talking About?

I've noticed that there are two different threads about preamps that seemed to be powered by the Energizer Bunny. They just keep going and going. Occasionally I've tried to read either of the threads, but to completely honest, I can't make heads or tails of what they are discussing. It's like starting to watch "Lost" in the middle of season two. There's like a private language going on. Could someone give a synopsis of what the threads are discussing. I'm just curious.

Ever so grateful!
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I'm posting here so I can see the responses. This oughta be good.
You seem to be perpetuating the mystery since you do not identify the threads!
Yes, there is a secred code or "audiophile language" which is learned through listening. When they say, "to be powered by the Energizer Bunny," they mean battery powered preamps. If they would have said, "the sound is long lasting, powerful, dependable," it would have meant they're using Duracell batteries in the pre.

You really have to read between the lines in these matters. You're showing some aptitude for this when you said, "I can't make heads or tails..." which would indicate that subconsicously you wouldn't favor Energizer batteries in these preamps.

Regarding the length of the threads, I'll share Schroeder's Observation, not quite a law, but close, that states any thread with more than 12 postings begins twisting like a DNA helix and takes on a "life of it's own." That's code for gets off track. It is at that point the thread either remains "mundane", which means no idiot posts a stupid reply - or gets "interesting", indicating several opinionated people thoughtlessly post, soliciting angry exchanges wandering way off topic. That's how a "Superthread" is born, meaning an incredibly time wasting, meandering virtual book.

As you can see, I'm trying my best to turn this into a Superthread! :)
Rcprince, i've said it before but I'll say it again...there should be a way to tag threads w/o posting, don't you think?
Kubla, you've got that right. I'm still trying to draft Onhwy51 a cogent answer for the one I've been following, but my soap opera script writer friend is off for the weekend so it will have to wait. The fact that the two seem to intersect at times (one user of one of the products may have switched to the product that is the subject of the other thread, but I'm not quite sure of that yet) is an interesting twist.

I do think there is a lot of truth in Schroeder's Observation. I may nominate him for public office.

you can tag a thread without posting and even rename it whatever you want, When on a thread up in the right hand corner of the screen under help you will see a star just click that and you can save dozens and dozens of threads you want to save, you can rename them anything you want...nice feature.
Chadnliz, WOW! OMG!!!!

I've been a member here for 7 years and I never knew this. That's amazing! What a great feature.


P.S. I think you should post this info in its own thread and title it well for searches.
I dont know how many dont know how to do this but glad to help, it is a great feature.
Chadnliz - I'm with Kublakhan that's great!! I've occasionally wondered what that was - How the heck did you ever figure that out? Did you actually read the help file? Is there other helpful stuff in there we should know about? (ya, i know I could look myself, but...)
I just click and try things..I am one of those guys who thinks I dont need to read manuals, sometimes I am very wrong lol!