What are these worth, and what can I sell them for?

Just joined, and this is my first topic Hello everyone.  I have a set of Yamaha NS-10 speakers in good to excellent condition, and would like to sell them.  I can't find anyone who has these for sale so I have no idea what price to put on these.  They work great! I use them all the time with my stereo system.  Love the sound!
I read the Wikipedia info and got the story of what they were used for.   
Here are some links to pictures of them that look just like mine
these are pics just like mine but is some one else. 
Here is the Wikipedia story, Very Interesting,
Does anyone Know what to ask for these speakers?
Thanks!  I would be very thankful to anyone who has any idea.

Just a heads up.  So we have a new member, and they get beat down. All he wanted to know is what they were worth. Not how they sounded. Not any snarky remarks.  Now not all the comments were that way, but let's be more welcoming. True comments about a speaker can be had with a more civil tongue. Sometimes I think we can be a little elitist.
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not to be glib but...the answer is the same to both questions...What someone is willing to pay!