What are these sonus fabers worth?

I have a pair of Sonus Faber Concertino s/n 3144 with stands. These speakers need work. There is a 2 inch round break in the side of one , one needs a driver, one needs the mid. Other than the one break they are in good physical condition with stand,. They are black. They have dual posts. I don't know what they are worth on this condition. I would just like to trade for maybe car audio. Can someone help with value or are they junk?
Thank you
List them on ebay with full disclosure and find out.
Original cost of Concertino was about $1000 plus something like $300 for stands. There is currently a pair with stands for sale here for $800.

SF importer Sumiko can be strict about not selling replacement parts unless you can prove they were purchased from an authorized US dealer. If you cannot, there is a good chance that original drivers will not be available. If you really want to sell them I would check with Sumiko first on the cost of new drivers and if they will provide them. If one tweeter and one mid need replacing, you really should replace them in both speakers, although with damage to the cabinet it might not be worth it. Depends on the damage.