What are these cables worth?

Maybe someone here can help me out. I'd like to sell a pair of cables for a friend who's husband has passed away, but I need to determine a fair value. The cables are Vampire Wire "USA #ST-1 Continuous Cast Copper Speaker Cable". Each cable is 24' in length with a pair of gold plated banana plugs at one end and a pair of gold plated pins on the other. Nothing fancy on the sleeve, just black vinyl stuff.

What would be a good price with a quick sale in mind?

Many Thanks.

On the Vampire website, their interconnects are very inexpensive. The speaker wire isn't even sold anymore. They're probably not worth much at all to anyone, so she might just keep them and use them. If she sold them on Audiogon, the time she spent to box them up and paid to ship them, she'd probably be in the hole.

I have the same situation with an old Nakamichi interconnect that's Oxygen Free Copper. I actually use it on the TV to my Zvox sound bar, and in my stereo if I need an unbalanced interconnect. It's way too good to just give away.

List it on ebay with nice pics. You'll get what it's worth.