What are these B&W speakers worth?

Hello all,

I'm new to the forum here. A while back I acquired a pair of B&W model 801 speakers. Unfortunately, they are physically much too large to fit my available space. I have a small room that acts as my TV/media room. I listen to mostly jazz and classical music plus the odd movie on my system.

Frankly, I have no real idea what I have with these speakers, beyond the fact that they really do sound great to me. At this point I am interested in selling them and going with a good bookshelf-size range speaker. That said, can anyone offer some good advice as to how much these speakers may be worth? I know they are in good shape physically and have been well cared for. What say you, ladies and gents?

Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide.

Cheers, Jim
Jim- You can pay for access to the bluebook on this site or you can check ebay for recent purchase history.
an old Stereophile review lists the 801 series 2 as $4500.00 new and the general rule of thumb is half price for used equipment but these are too old for to be half price (IMO) plus I presume they are series 1 since you did not mention.

You could list them at $2000.00 and see what happens, you may get lower offers.

Find out if they are series 1 or 2 and remember if someone offers too low a price do not sell them.

What are they worth to you?

I am just trying to give a bit of direction, based on what I would do for myself, if I were in your shoes.

good luck
The 801s are completely worthless, but, since I'm such a great guy, I'd be willing to take them off your hands for you. Post your address and I'll send a truck around tomorrow.
No, seriously, subscribing to the A'gon Bluebook is the way to go.
-- Howard
I'm not trying to be funny but, anything is worth what someone else will give you for it.
08-11-13: Schubert
I'm not trying to be funny but, anything is worth what someone else will give you for it.

Hammer,nail, head.
$2000. No more no less.
I was just going to say the same exact thing Schubert said. Although, I will admit that I'm laughing.

Beyond that, it would help to know what series they are.
Any price at this point is just a wild guess, and their value may be more or less than the $2000 stated. It is absolutely necessary to know what version of 801 this is. From the original 801 in 1979, and definitely worth much less than $2000, the progression was 801F, Matrix 801 S2, Matrix 801 S3, N801, 801D, to the current 801 Diamond. You might try looking here as it may help determine the model.


This link shows manufacture date and retail price each, so X2 for a pair.


Hope this helps.
Hi all,

Thank you for responses so far; I really appreciate that. I did not list a series number because the data plates do not list such; just "801." I suspect that they are original 801's given the time frame mentioned here. I will continue to follow up based on what you have collectively mentioned so far.

Thanks and cheers, Jim
Jkiker, looking at the second link I provided, the original 801 was available from 1979 to 1981, and the retail was $2850 per pair. Have you checked to see if they are working OK?
Hi tls,

I have them hooked up as the main speakers in my media room, and use them regularly. They sound great!

Cheers, Jim