What are the weak points of Pass amps and pre-amps ?

Though there are perhaps better transistor amps, but Pass seems to be an excellent choice for many.
What is your experience with them, if you could elaborate ? Integrateds as well.
Where does Pass stand in comparison with Clayton and class AB Rowlands ? 
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Sound will always be about what you can hear. Each human being prefers any audio system that can reveal all the details and layers of the music over any incomplete created trial&error system.

Based on that fact that thinking audio is a matter of personal taste is the biggest scam ever told and believed. Audio=sound= all aspects/properties of sound= the truth.

No human being prefers an incomplete audio system. Our emotion works the same way and again we are talking about a 100% fact. We have our personal preferences regarding music and artists. But.....music will always contain different aspects and you need them all.

Ask any audio lover about what sound is and which aspects/properties it owns? And they often have no F.idea. This is walking on a very thin line and never be able to understand why your sound and stage is what you can hear. So your trial&error system is being created without understanding anything about music and sound. You just gamble and hope it will become alright. When you would use your brain and common sense it is very easy to become aware that you do not know what you are doing.

This is not what you would like to hear maybe. But audio is all about sound and the truth. And has nothing to do with doing audio by trail&error what is doing audio without a real foundation. All manufacturers who work in audio for a long time just like me all agreed. Because we are talking about facts. The sound will always tell the truth. No incomplete audio system will ever be able to experience the emotion of the music.

Ask people how human emotion works and how it relates to music. They all don’t F. know. How for God sake you could think and even believe that you can create a stunning and ultimate audio system without any real foundation by audio-gambling. Trial&error is 100% audio-gambling and again we are talking about a 100% fact. And yes the truth is hard, but you need to accept it to reach that stunning and ultimate level in sound.

Trial&error is the main reason why so many people all over the world are not happy with their system. When you would understand what sound is and what it does it will become clear and even easy to understand why your system lacks emotion. The audio market is decreasing every single year. Ask people why they are not that interested in audio any more..............

They will say that what they heard did not convince them and it did not do a lot with their emotion. Incomplete audio created trial&error systems will always limit people. Based on the fact that you need all the aspects of sound to experience the emotion of your beloved music. Just start to read about music and our human emotion and maybe one day you will understand.

@bo1972 Unless you have something to say about your experiences listening to Pass Labs amps, please leave the thread and start your own to talk about your product. Otherwise, I suggest everyone else report the posts. 
Rabbit hole! Whack a mole! Isn't there a whack a mole fan around here? Please direct teleportation tractor beam at @bo1972. Cheers,
Was the initial post designed to just generate a platform on which to try to dig up criticism of Pass product?

The product is consistently reviewed as being some of the best our there - up against any other product.