what are the tradeoff for these cables?

dear A'goners,

a lot of talk on positive comments/remarks on cables characteristics... how about some discussions on what are the weakness or tradeoff that you encounter when you insert the following power cables into your specific systems (or perhaps other systems that you're familiar with)

1) Sunny cables

2) Omega Mikro

3) Silver Audio

4) Jade Audio

5) Isoclean

just trying to gather the common points (something like statistical data) of the cables character. Hope this thread can identify the cable which can give OVERALL IMPROVEMENT (however slight) rather than a cable that sacrifice something to get other things right. Please chime in if you do came across cables that give overall improvements.

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NORDOST FREY .... Full complement of matched ICs, shotgunned speaker cables, and matched jumpers

highly recommended .... The improvements were not subtle.
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Stealth V12 PC and V14 speaker wire much better than these.Purist is also a better sounding cable.

@phillip IMO the same power cord or any cable for that matter will most likely sound different if you put them in 3 different systems. I have Ansuz Ceramic power and speaker cables (more open and lifelike sounding) and a Nordost Heimdall2 digital (not as open sounding but a lot less expensive than the Ceramic)
I've had very good results with Herron Audio interconencts.  I've had very poor results with every cable I've ever used that had any silver content in the signal path.
Hello on A'goners above, i am just wondering what are the shortcomings of the cables i listed above that you have encountered when you installed into your systems. Nobody using any of the cables above? Have anyone tried comparing these cables in a controlled environment? Thanks 
Good luck finding someone that as done this.

are you in a position to audition these cables at your local dealer/retailer?
This is the best place to start eval any cables/power cords.
Next, would be to get an in-home demo, to test your particular environment.
The only cables on your list that I have heard are Jade Audio. I have owned the Vermeil Gold and Hybrid Gold versions. Both were very good cables with rich harmonics that only gold can provide. Can sound like a lush, 300B amp.
Shortcomings were that they were not as detailed and extended as some other cables can be. Just as with everything else in audio, there are always trade offs. Also, system synergy and personal tastes will come into play as well, so YMMV.
hi jmcgrogan, 
thank you for the above useful info. that is what i wish to know. 
if more people can provide such info, i will more or less know the characteristics of such cables since it is tested within a controlled variable situation. although synergy come into play, but it can be determine (at least) what effects will the cables do to the sound.
too bad, these are rare cable brands that in-home demo isn't quite possible.
I use an Isoclean Super Focus from my amp to the wall.

It makes my system sound fuller, rounder, and warmer, without loss of detail.

Every other piece of cabling is Nordost Valhalla: pc's, ic's, and speaker cables.

The Isoclean nicely removes the slight edginess.

Speakers are 100db/eff Tannoys. Amp is a First Watt Sit 2. 
hi darosenb, 
Thank you ,very kind of you to response even the thread is inactive for quite long. Cheers!

which cables/cords did you buy? Are you still trying to decide?
thanks for showing interest. waiting for my silent source reference rca.
would update any news after serious listening. 
Nice. Silent Source are excellent cables/cords.