What Are The Top 5 Audiophile Shows In The USA?

What are the top five or ten audiophile shows in the USA in order of rank? When and where are these shows held? Just audiophile shows, not a general home electronics show.
Ok, cool, thanks for highlighting the differences. I don't find CES to be stuffy overall. It varies depending on the manufacturer. Some are stuffy, some are not. I'd say most are not. From what you're saying, it does sound like at RMAF you can spend more time in the rooms. That is key, especially when you're considering buying that product, and there's no dealer that really has it to audition. At CES, there is an unwritten law regarding time limits. It seems some manufacturers want you in and out and don't want you staying too long. Anyway, that's my take.
RMAF!!! is the best for the true 2 channel Audiophile!

CES is more commercial feeling...not exactly Best Buy but...

I have been to multiple CES, RMAF and Newport Beach audio shows. CES is the undisputed king - they have the most exhibitors by far. That show is designed primarily for the trade and not the end consumer. RMAF is a very user-friendly show and attracts a lot of exhibitors and is fun for the end consumer. Newport Beach was designed after RMAF and it shows - it has a lot of exhibitors and is fun for the end consumer. Also, Newport Beach is expanding as it gets older (its only been in existence for 3 years). As it expands, if it can continue to be user-friendly, it will replace (my opinion) RMAF as the best/largest user-friendly audio show in the country.