What are the speakers you very rarely find in the Used market(Audiogon or Anywhere)?

I'm looking for Vandersteen Quatro CT, Wilson Sabrina or DeVore Fidelity Orangutan 0/93 or 0/96. I rarely find it or in some cases, before I make an offer, it is gone. What other speakers are a rare find?
I sold my lovely pair of polk lsi9's several years ago.  Regretted the decision.  I found another used paid but took a long time.. They are hard to find, but well worth the hunt. 

You might try a pair.  Perhaps in the $400 to $700 price range.  You can always resell them.  They have way less of a port problem than the Kef Ls50's (which did not work in my room - puffy low-end did them in).  drumbe
Maybe QUAD Electrostatics?

Klipsh Cornwall 1's that can be stood up or lay on the side
Clever way to find out which brands keep owners the happiest.
Thanks for asking!
Maybe the OP should consider not making offers and just pull the damn trigger.