What are the sound characteristics of Carbon compared to Metals like Copper and Silver?

How does carbon as a conductor compare, sound-quality wise, to metals like copper and silver?

I don't have any experience with pure carbon-based interconnect design such as Van Den Hul, but from what I've read it is supposed to be very smooth and laid back sounding. I'm curious to know if anyone has ever tried such cables in their system and how you thought it compared to traditional copper/silver interconnects.
Carbon is cold and detached sounding.Silver is open sounding but it can be bright in the wrong system. Copper is a little warm and pretty neutral but it all depends on the manufacture and the company.
carbon will ring much less, sound dead and thuddy i would think... at least applied to speakers etc etc - i have no idea how it works as conductors of electrical signals

cerious is a brand that makes well regarded carbon based cables i believe... i have never been motivated to try

like all real expensive cables, there are always strong vocal proponents... but you never know who is drinking what cool aid... who is shilling for what...
Carbon has some pretty amazing cousins... Graphene, diamond dust, and graphite.

It is a very thin layer (one atom thick) of carbon atoms bonded in a hexagonal lattice. Graphene is the thinnest compound known, the best conductor of heat at room temperature, the best conductor of electricity ever known, and is 100-300 times stronger than stainless steel, among other amazing properties.

Diamond dust/ diamonds

Extremely rigid inter-atomic bonds means that thermal energy is transmitted from one atom to another very rapidly. A diamond is essentially just one big rigid lattice of atoms. At the same time, there are no free electrons, unlike in a metal, so electrical current cannot easily transmit.

Carbon is some pretty cool stuff.

An atomic reactor was protected by graphite in southern CA deserts. 1948 or something. It blew up!, Opps...
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I was wondering about sodium wire.. they make that too... An Agonner chimed in and said it was used in a solvent making process or refinement of some type... Tungsten, Lead, brass, all kinds of stuff, ay.. Gotta sound different, right!

A BIG clue, it all does... :-)

Ebm, its interesting you find carbon cold and detached sounding. What kind of system did you use it in?