What are the sexiest components ever made?

As Enzo Ferrari had said that the XKE was the most beautiful/sexiest car ever made (his opinion, not mine).  How about high end audio products?  There have to be some that sex was thought about by the designers?  

Not the most exotic, but like a classic Mercedes or Packard,..there is a reason the Linn 12 has been around as long as it has.  Yamaha had that slanted cassette deck, and I hope you can add to this list and, if possible, add a photo. 

 I think a young Barbi Benton holding even an 8-track player would be very attractive. 
Allen Boothroyd (R.I.P.) designed the look of the Lecson & Meridian gear for Bob Stuart.
Something about the Meridian M20 speakers on their stands just looks killer to my eye.

video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QIeLY2m-clU&feature=emb_logo

I think small components are great looking, like those shoe box sized British integrated amps.  The Meridian stuff was always great looking, also dig that Italian designed triangular shaped Yamaha cassette deck and Nakamichi made one as well.  The Proceed PCD series of cd players makes the list too, not to mention the Bill Beard EL84 integrated amp.  Many others as well.  A nice stack of gear from the same manufacturer always looks sexy as can be as well.  
The triangle shaped Nakamichi was the 600, available in black or silver, the black being the sexy version.  Much cooler than the dragon, in my humble opinion.  Had a matching triangle shaped amp and preamp/tuner, which I believed were also called the 600.
I will add my vote for the B&O 4002 linear tracking turntable.