What are the sexiest components ever made?

As Enzo Ferrari had said that the XKE was the most beautiful/sexiest car ever made (his opinion, not mine).  How about high end audio products?  There have to be some that sex was thought about by the designers?  

Not the most exotic, but like a classic Mercedes or Packard,..there is a reason the Linn 12 has been around as long as it has.  Yamaha had that slanted cassette deck, and I hope you can add to this list and, if possible, add a photo. 

 I think a young Barbi Benton holding even an 8-track player would be very attractive. 
I think that this is the sexiest preamplifier that I have ever seen, and I would also love to hear it.

Meitner PA6i/MTR 101. Mine have a bit of mileage on them and still look fantastic; just like the way I like my wom........sorry 😊
Always admired the Empire 498 and 598. Gorgeous!

+ 1 on the :

Oracle turntables and CD transport...