What are the sexiest components ever made?

As Enzo Ferrari had said that the XKE was the most beautiful/sexiest car ever made (his opinion, not mine).  How about high end audio products?  There have to be some that sex was thought about by the designers?  

Not the most exotic, but like a classic Mercedes or Packard,..there is a reason the Linn 12 has been around as long as it has.  Yamaha had that slanted cassette deck, and I hope you can add to this list and, if possible, add a photo. 

 I think a young Barbi Benton holding even an 8-track player would be very attractive. 
Perreaux stack
Spectral amp/pre
Motif separates
Beard EL84 integrated
Ensemble Tiger B50 integrated
Densen Beat

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, though pretty doesn’t necessarily mean better.

Original Transcriptors Turntable
Empire 698 Turntable
SME 3009 Tonearm
Magnum Dynalab Etude Tuner with Gold Faceplate
Heathkit AR-15 (in the dark)
Avant Garde Trio Classico Speakers

I haven’t owned any of these, but I did lust after them back in the day.
ebm, Please don't ruin our fantasy. For some of us, (not me) this is the only romance we (not me) get! 😂
Is this like the guy on TV that was in love with his car?  He called it sexy and hottie and would smother the car with kisses😂😂
How about the TV show "my mother the car"? His car was alway's bossing him around!!
Oh come on now, we all know that any "truly sexy" audio gear ever made was all from Heathkit or Radio Shack and my parents Airline Stereo was SOTA. 

We all know the Tekton Moab is "sexy as hell" but "ever"? Jury’s still out. Maybe get back to me when we run out of time?
In my early audio/high end days, my Yamaha YP-800 direct drive with and ADC XLM III seemed pretty damned sexy, of course my early days of good inexpensive Bordeaux my have influenced my pleasure. 

Beogram vertical tracking turntables (I owned one back in the day) were/are pretty damned sexy.
1. B&O Beosound 9000
2. B&O BEOLAB 8000 speakers
3. Anything with McIntosh meters
4. B&W N802 speakers
These are good suggestive suggestions, but have you ever shared two great headphones with a lover and listened together to Miles Davis' "Sketches of Spain"?...it turns the whole world sexy. Admit it, you've done it too...
In its day, the Pioneer PD-65 was a sexy looking early higher end CD player. And, again in their way, every Magnepan and Martin Logan ESL I had got plenty of good remarks on looks. I must admit most of my early Magnepans with dates they did think they were room dividers....or a screen for me to "change into something more comfortable".
whipsaw spoke of the B&O turntable. I had the 5000 stacking system (no tt) which I purchased used in early 80's. (with Vandersteen 1C) It was the model on display at the Modern Museum of Art NYC. The 5500 linear turntable had just come out, which I bought for $500 with mmc3 cart. Then CD was introduced for it at $1000. I said "I'll never get CD"!! Guests WERE impressed by the look's and big remote. 
I really loved the look and sound of the 90’s Sonus Faber Extrema.

Looking at it now, I kinda think of the movie Chronicles of Riddick

check out Garrard 401 with blue plinth on this site.  that’s my turntable, with custom color to match my italian el84 integrated.
In its price range and function, the Magnum Dynalab 208 Receiver is a good looking piece of very functional modern audio art.  I have been lucky enough to have some good and good lucking items...the MD-208 and original C.J. ART are my picks for both function and looks.   

I do enjoy having people wonder what the Hell those room dividers are when I have had Magnepans. 

Obviously, there's a variant of 'hi-end' that I'm totally oblivious about when it cums to my devices.....
When B&O first came out there had never been anything like it.

I had a Tandberg (TCD 320) cassette deck with VU meters and sliders. Had hair then too.

Single Ended Triode Amp's 
+1 on Transcriptor Turntables (Prisma, Hydraulic, Transcriber) and
+1 on Oracle Delphy, 
Scott T33s tuner with those Nixi tubes
early Magnepan speakers with chrome frame and black fabric

Well I have a penchant for older models. When I'm on the move, I enjoy a reliable, always ready Sansui G-3500. So Beautiful with a nice BIG pair of knobs to look at while I'm streaming from the Echo hooked-up to her AUX input, if you know what I mean. Also a rounded, tight bottom end (for big woofers) from the horn-loaded Fraziors.

But lately with the heat, I've found myself wandering to the leather side (of the den sofa) where I can relax and enjoy an easy little Realistic black STA-700. You can stream from an Echo, push a button for an Express, or if y'all want to play it safe, turn that knob around and do it over the air FM style. Such a nice set of Jensen tweeters that the wood looks great on. Really reminds me of a system I used to boom in the car back in the day (and night). Is it getting hot in here?

But my main enjoyment is a lot younger one in the office....right?
A gorgeous little Peach of a tree that's lovely to look at with the wood around its face. She really puts out and keeps my NAD's preamp warm. I can enjoy CXC all night just putting the disk in and out and in but when I really want to finish up the evening then it's time to do a U-Turn and put the needle in the groove to shake an enormous pair of SVS Ultras that stand up and slap you on both sides of your face.

Yet sometimes, even at my age, I want to have a late night go at it while the lady is resting and slide my head between those nice, soft and plush cushions on the Beyer dynamic's inner side to REALLY enjoy that sweet spot of bliss. 

I-yuh, I gotta go---------
JBL M2/ ATC SCM150ASL Pro.  As far as I'm concerned, effort spent on any aesthetic but reproduction is wasted effort.  Pretty hi fi gear looks to me like it's trying to sell something other than fidelity.  That's not sexy.
Sexiest component?
Since I'm over 60 pretty much everything not in a wheelchair. 
It doesn't really work at all, but the TRANSCRIPTOR Turntable is as sexy as audio gets, I think.  We kept one on the shelf just to look at back in the day:


B&O stuff was pretty--especially in white--but it was not SOTA and did not want to be.  We did sell a LOT of it in the 1970's, however.

McIntosh, particularly the power amps with the big blue meters in a semi dark room.  Love my MC501s! 
Still  have a B&O, Beogram 1900. Haven’t used it in years, but it still looks cool to me.

Sansui  AU series amplifiers are one of their kind....But I am partial here.... :)
I agree with twoleftears.

I had a Micro Seiki DDX-1000 with Micro Seiki MA-505 (tonearm).  At the same time I had a B&O turntable.  Those two, next to one another, was a hell of a combo.  And the girls that came over loved it.  So, I guess that makes them sexy.  It worked for me!!!