What are the perils of shipping worldwide?

May have to ship speakers to Singapore. Please help! Suggestions on terms, etc
Just have funds wired to your bank account and there is no peril. Freight lines such as Pilot Air, Adcom, Yellow Freight etc. can take care of the shipping. It is a good idea to have them supply pallets and have the speakers banded on pallets. Much less chance of damage. Make sure you know the dimensions of your boxes or crates because you will be billed by dimensional weight or actual weight which ever is greater. Needless to say do insure everything that you ship.
I just shipped a pair of speakers to Italy through Danzas AEI Intercontinental, they were great except for the fact they misplace my speakers for abour 3 weeks. After a few weeks the buyer asked where the speakers were and it took a while to track them down, but we found them and got them back on the right track. Overall it was a pleasurable experience- everyone has a bad day now and again, no harm no foul. Good luck. ~Tim
If there is a dispute, legal matters can become complicated.
I have used BAX Global on many occasions of shipping pre & power amplifiers from USA to Hong Kong. If you want to save money on freight costs, ship your speakers airport to airport. I am sure your buyer in Singapore is willing to pick up the speakers at the Changi Airport.
Don't be scared of shippping worldwide, it is a much smaller world than you can think of. Also, BAX Global handles the shipment very carefully & promptly.
Ok,it's time for some BAX Global-bashing. They hit one of the wood crates with a fork lift tip. Not that the tip went all the way through to the speaker. The tip hit the pressed wood,the pressed wood in turn was what hit the speaker.;The weight of the speaker within; --- (185lbs.) pushed the "dent" back out,so I didn't notice;and signed.----Well,they are just as bad as UPS regarding claims i.e.--Call F Lee Bailey. Taking a shipper to court is complicated;they know all the ins and outs. It's bad enough when shipper/recipient are in the same country---So,if you feel lucky;go for it.

Sometimes we have to be exposed to this,to learn. If you're buying speakers;buy where you can use plastic;let your card co fight for you--for free.
I used the US Postal service to send a Marantz amp to China with no problems. I was paid first of course. Paypal is good for that.
I always take out my own insurance cover on the amplifiers shipped by BAX Global from USA to Hong Kong. This way, if there were any damages during transit, I can claim it off my insurance brokers, NOT Bax Global.
Anyway, my experience with BAX Global is their services are superb and their rates are reasonable.