What are the main difference between Ref 150 and 150SE besides the tubes?

Does anyone know the internal differences between the 150 and 150SE besides the tubes?Does anybody who can give me the list of modifications in details?And what are the difference in sound quality and sonic characteristic between these two power-amp?

PS: I have a very nice offer to get a demon Ref 150 (Non SE version) and which is very seldom to use, I can get it around USD 6500.The seller told me that I can change the KT-120 to KT-150 and it sounds like Ref 150 SE, is it true? Can I use KT-150 tubes in Ref 150?


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Sorry I forgot to say this is ARC Ref 150 and 150 SE
From what I understand there were "significant" changes made to the power supply and cappacitors as well. ARC has been pretty good about incorporating advancements from their ultra-high end pieces into their Reference releases. I don't have the Ref 150SE but I did purchase the Ref Phono 3 and the improvement over the Ref Phono 2SE was significant right out of the box.