What are the current "speaker trends" in your opinions?

Be it cones, stats, horns, planers ...or whatever other technology, is there anything new/worthwhile out there?  I know that there was the AMT "air motion transformer" of the ESS days,etc.  Many technologies advance and sometimes refinements of existing technology is the mainstay.   I am not real current in my readings or notice of advertising/reviews and would appreciate anything readers can share. 

wireless streaming is definitely the trend. Hopefully the codecs (AptX, etc) eventually become fully lossless.
- Active speakers are hot

- beryllium tweeters

- coaxial drivers

- Tons of detail at the expense of being fatiguing.  I think because there are several very popular speakers that sell bright speakers that expose a lot of detail, everyone is tuning the tweeter in a forward way which increases detail beaut also makes the speakers quite bright.

- Aluminum for enclosure material.
- Wireless speakers
- Use of on-board DSP
- Choices of colors
- Better budget models
This is something I have been tracking and monitoring closely ever since back in 1973 when I rode my bicycle to audition all the speakers at Radio Shack. Back in those days they were all paper cones, wire, and magnets. Then JBL started using edgewound voice coils and AlNiCo magnets, and the race was on. Nowadays of course we have much more exotic materials, composites, and a lot more sophisticated design criteria.

From my perspective then, and as far as current trends go, I would have to say the one that really stands out is the trend towards higher prices.