What are the current Electraglide power cables?

I've been a happy user of the Electraglide power cables, using the Fatboy Jr, Fatboy, Fatman, Fatman K. But now, I'm really confused.

I checked the website for Electraglide, and found the following power cords listed: Reference Glide, Ultra Boy, Ultra Glide, Ultra Man and finally the Ultra Khan.

However, when I check here on Audiogon, I find these models (not listed on his web site): Mini Khan, Mini Khan Plus, Genghus Khan and an Ultra Khan Statement II (was there a version 'I'?). To confuse matters even more, there's also discussion of a new "more flexible" (as opposed to a less flexible) model?

Is there anyone who actually knows what Electraglide models are available / current (flexible vs. non-flexible), and what they were designed to be used with (ie, front end or power amps)?

In advance, thanks for your time.
I would suggest giving Stewart at Weekend Environments a call (360) 874-1201... he has been an Electraglide dealer for years. I have the Electraglide Ultra Man, which I was told was the latest P/C they made before their current line, in which I believe the ones you named above are... the Mini Khan, Mini Khan+, Ultra Khan II, etc. They are supposed to be more flexible as well. Their website is www.weekendenvironments.com as well. Stewart carries many different cable lines, and as my equipment has evolved through the years, his advice on cabling with my equipment has been right on the money.
I second that about Stewart at Sancuary of Sound "Weekend Environments" giving the best advice on cables. My system would not be at the point it is at without the generous advice of Stewart"Cable Guru".