What are the best tubes for Audio Research SP-11?

What are best replacement tubes for the Audio Research SP-11 Mk2? I listened to Jazz and music with hefty bass, at least my family does! What types of tubes, and the address where I can purchase?
Its all a matter of taste. I owned a SP11 for years (using Threshold solid state amp) and used different tubes for linestage and phono section. I used "GOLD EARO" Yugo Platinums for my linestage and a Brittish 6922 for Phono section. ( sonic frontiers,Parts connection)if my memory serves me right.
I would recommend "Andy" at Vintage Tube Services, or "Kevin" at Upscale Audio. Be prepared to send a few hundred $ if going NOS. The other option is to try a Sovtek 6922,which are new and a more reasonable cost.It all depends on how far you want to go and how much your willing to spend to squeeze out a little more performance. Good Luck.....
HAve you enquired the manufacturer as a start? At least there you will have some tested items as a baseline to do some tube rolling from.
I still like the Amperex 7308 gold pin and the rare 6Dj8 India tubes in my SP-9 lll.
Audio Research is selling the replacement tubes (6) 6922 for $179.00. This is their recommendations.