What are the best subwoofer plate amps....

I am trying to build my own subwoofers and have been researching subwoofer plate amps. What are the best subwoofer plate amps? Where can they be found? Are the amps sold by Parts Express all there is?
Bryston makes just what you're looking for. Called the ProPak. They come in 60, 120, and 300 Watt versions (into 8 ohms) Even have balanced inputs. They are absolutely the cat's ass! Here's the link to the page for the 300 watt unit (on the Bryston site):


I only wish I had a hundred bucks for everyone that I've turned onto these!!

Hi Matchstickman,

I don't know if they are the best, but they have had my interest for some time! D class, parametric EQ and phase control... Adire Audio
If I'm not mistaken, Bryston makes one.
Check out Rythmik audio. I built a subwoofer based on their 350SE servo kit. Pretty impressive. I'd rank it up there with the big subwoofer from Rel. Also, Brain is very knowledgable and offers great support. They offer a lot of bang for the buck.

I purchased a plate amp from parts express when I built a sub for my wifes system to try and save a little money. There was a lot of hum, so I replaced it with a Rythmik 250SE; big difference and no more hum.

Rythmik Audio modifies stock plate amps, but how many companies do you see modding stock CD players or just basing their product on a stock design and adding a pretty faceplate.



If you really want to spend some money you can also look into Adire audio. I spoke to them breifly but they were out of my price range. You could spend upwards of $1000 on an amp and driver.



I would also recommend that you purchase some subwoofer modelling software. When I built my first, I did all the calculations manually and it was a chore. I picked up BassBox software, at parts express, and it made life really easy. It makes it so easy to change a parameter and see how it will effect the over all design.

I had so much fun building my first sub that I'm currently building my fifth and sixth sub now. I'm building a sub, based on the Rythmik 250SE, to replace the Kef sub in my office and I'm also redoing the wifes sub to make it smaller.

Good luck,
The Bryston amp is a full range regular power amp. This is more than you need for a subwoofer.

For a subwoofer power amp high frequency response is unnecessary. Only slowly changing voltage will be amplified.

For a subwoofer power amp, a very low level of distortion is unnecessary. Subwoofer drivers generate lots of harmonic distortion (so that a little added by the amp is not important) and this distortion is not objectionable in the way that it is at mid and high frequency.

Therefore, an amp that is not intended for any use other than a subwoofer can be built for relatively low cost. I have used several from Parts Express, and they performed well. There were no Hum problems.
Thanks for all the tips and leads. This is very helpful.