What are the best speakers you have ever owned and why?

I just recently recieved my long awaited Shahinian Diapason 2’s from Vasken And they are absolutely spectacular! This got me thinking about my long journey to get here. Bless my wife for putting up with the many many many speakers that have passed through. The lifelong saga began with Magneoan MG 1’s back in college which were replaced by Dahlquist DQ 10’s. Then we traveled down a long road of speakers and systems. Magnepan Tympanis, Misson 770, Randall Rsch DQ10’s, Quad ESL single and stacked, Acoustat II, rogers LS3/5A’s, Linn Isobarik’s (2 pairs) B&W 801 Matrix, Hales Signature, Martin Logan Monolith2, Apogee Scintilla (1 ohm) Apogee Full Range, Theil SC 5A, Egglestonworks Andra, B&W Nautilius 801,Quad 63 and some I’m sure I forgot! Each speaker had its virtues and flaws but oh what a fun and a times frustrating trek! I think I have finally found my speaker to take me to retirement they do everything that I value wonderfully . They are detailed without sounding so, very dynamic, they have great low end reach, power and detail, are open sounding like a planner, their tonality and timbre seem spot on and they sound wonderful on any kind of music. Tell me about your journey!
Contrast audio Magic model.
1. Absolutely designed and assembled at own components.
2.  Implemented CROSSOVER-less principle (there is no any other same brands now, which use one cap in scheme) Everething gone in past, unfortunately :(
3. Frecquency cut around 10 kHz 
Crossover modern approach and using the same drivers only in different cabinets, give only chance to wait for a miracle. 

That I've owned..

Pretty sure I would give that spot to the OHM Walsh 5000's that I currently own.  Remarkable speaker in many ways.  Incredibly well rounded.  Maybe not the single best at single things, but from top to bottom, to my ears they do the trick.


Salk Soundscape 8 (just wanted more bass), DynAudio Contour 60 (didn't think they had a huge soundstage that I prefer).    Salks and the Dyn's build quality were CRAZY good.  The OHM's are a solid build, but not the level of detail and attention that the Salks or Dyn's had.

That I have heard...

The top end Vandersteens, the DynAudio Consequence, the Martin Logan Neoliths

That I have heard for the Money at a given price point

Tekton Double Impact (I don't think you get much more with the SE's or as you move up).  I have my issues with Tekton, but for 3k, it's a fun speaker.

Ohm Walsh 3000/4900/5000

JBL M2 (street prices on a couple and the amp are in the 10k range if you know where to look.

Salk Soundscape 12

Vandersteen 5A carbon

On the uber expensive... The Consequence and Neoliths in big rooms - wow.

 Many years ago, I owned a pair of JBL 4343 speakers. The reason that  I consider them 'best' is not what I would consider best today. I was young, and these were perfect for that time. They were damned near thrown in my lap, along with a system that matched them. I would likely enjoy them even today, but not as a number one choice.
Wow! Only one person listed a pair of Snell's. WHY? Are Snell owners as dead as the company? The best sound I've ever heard came from a pair of Snell Type B's. It was jaw dropping. They were set up at Soundex in Jenkintown. Any of the people working there who heard them would have to say the same. It was pure magic. Even Frank (manager?) called me and offered to buy them from me for well above wholesale. Yet nothing much gets said about them otherwise. I've to been to many audio shows around the country. I've been to countless homes and audio shops. Nothing I've heard sounded as magnificent as the Snell Type B's WHEN they were set up at Soundex. My 2 cents. Joe
The best I've ever owned are my current Audio Physic Avanti III. They're really quite special speakers that doesn't draw attention to anything, just sounds very organic and live. Never heard a speaker that can complete disappear like the AP's.

Before then, Thiel CS2.4 (still awesome speakers), Magnepan 1.6, Hales Concept 5, Magnepan MMG, customer built speakers (small standmounts with a matrix birch, viscoelastic glue, HDF cabinet and all ScanSpeak drivers). First real speakers were Dali (forgot the model now, but I worked the entire summer to afford them).