What are the best speakers with Krell MRA

So, my third litening room is getting equipped, I´ve got two KRELL MRA a ML 31.5 with 30.6 DAC and my room is about 10 by 8 meters and 3 meters high. Iwould like to build something which is not guided by the money just by the best neutral sound reproduction.I thought about Wilson Audio Alexandria or JM Lab Ultra Be. Please let me knwo you ideas about this, maybe I have forgotten to take another brand into cosidderation! Thanks folks
With what speakers did you audition the Krells? They would be a good starting point, if you liked them.
How about a pair of these...http://www.vmpsaudio.com/rmx.htm
Just before Dan D'Agostino released his speakers, he called actively bi-amped B&W800's "the best speaker on the planet."
He was asked why he used the Wilson X-1 at home and he said:
"They don't do anything wrong and if I have a prototype amp to try, I only need to build one."

I followed his advice and am thrilled with the result. Nothing that I have ever done to my system has made such a big improvement. I have always wanted to add the MRA's to drive my speakers.

With the money that you would save on the megabuck speakers, you could probably get another set of the MRA's (and the KBX).

The only speakers that I have heard that are in a league with mine are the big Pipedream's and the big Dali's, but both of these also require active bi-amplification and they carry a big price tag.

Also, I did hear the New Grand Utopia Driven with bel canto elxectronics, and the sound was no where a musical a my set up or the other two I mentioned above.

As with Dan, I also found the "custom" 800's to surpass the Wilson X-I, but I have not had the opportunity to hear the