What are the best speakers in the world?

This is the most important question on our minds. This is what it all boils down to. What is the best speaker on the planet?

I dont want to hear any excuses or a dozen different opinions. I just want the facts. 

A speaker is just like a car. It has a purpose. The purpose of a car is to get you from A to B. But we are here to discuss speakers so what is the job of a speaker exactly and why are there so many to choose from?

The purpose of a speaker is to play music so that we can sit down and enjoy it. Simple as that. No resonance, no coldness no harshness no lack of bass, no booming, no nonsense, just pure buttery heaven. 

Is it the magico? is it the harbeth? is it the wilson? Avalon? Yg? vivid? 
DIY custom tuned? brick walled cabinets made of 12 inch thick concrete? 

Are we simply being cheated with all these offerings? why are there so many?

Again, i dont want to hear differences of opinions or any extraneous comments. 

I will ask again, what is the best speaker in the world?

I am sick and tired of seeing different speakers being touted as the best. I am sick of the lies. Sick of being cheated. Sick of lack of measurements. Sick of watching other audiophiles being duped. Sick of audiophiles that are tone deaf. 

We need the facts. No more lies no more BS no more opinions. 

What is the best? 
[email protected], yes, if we'd prefer to be 'diplomatic' (sic) [no pun intended, but there it is...} with kenjit's opening statement...

Considering him as 'agent provocateur', instead of 'troll grande' with a bad case of illness-instilled 'bad vibes'.....;)

At least this forum has 'generally' been Fun.  More of the lively sort of exchange and quipery we come here for, rather than the "Well, that X is far superior to Z, and if you can't discern the obvious superiority, your ears are packed with slow-set concrete that's oozing out of your skull..."

More of the former, less of the latter.

I'll start:

My system is Trash.

Your's?  Fantastic!

We both like what we hear Anyway. *S*  (Well, most of the time...)

Resume....(like y'all need permission...*L*)...

I haven’t time to read this entire thread (pages 1 & 4).  I do have a favorite out of about two dozen $100,000 to $1,000,000 speakers I've heard over the years.  The Von Schweikert Ultra 11s at $290,000.  I can neither afford them or use them in my listening room.  They are the best I've heard (with ancillary equipment).  I could use the VR9, VR55 and possibly the Ultra 9 in my custom built listening room.  

As to cable differences being insignificant-believe what you want Kenjit, but I am 100% opposed to your statement and I have credibility as a part-time audio recording engineer and 60+ years of listening to recorded music.  I am a beta cable tester for the past 20 years.  What are your credentials that you can assert 100% that cable differences are irrelevant?
Let me quote one of the salesmen at my local high-end stereo emporium back in the late 60s........"The best has not been made yet"..........I believe that just about says it all...........
What are your credentials that you can assert 100% that cable differences are irrelevant?
I can hear things that most audiophiles cant. Ive been to high end demos where speakers have been playing out of phase unbeknown to the experts in the room who set the system up. One example of this was at a high end show. Obviously plenty of audiophiles had been in the room before i arrived and nobody had noticed. It was only when i came along and pointed it out that it was confirmed that the cables were not plugged in phase and fixed. Its unlikely these people would hear the differences in cables if they cant even hear whether the speakers are in phase. 

How the hell are we supposed to make better speakers if nobody can figure out which speaker is the best in the world?

The only thing that has been proven here is the ignorance within the audiogon community. Nobody here understands how to begin to test whether one speaker is better than another. 
Where the hell are the measurements to show how well speakers perform so that we can quickly compare which speakers are better or worse?