What are the best speakers in the world?

This is the most important question on our minds. This is what it all boils down to. What is the best speaker on the planet?

I dont want to hear any excuses or a dozen different opinions. I just want the facts. 

A speaker is just like a car. It has a purpose. The purpose of a car is to get you from A to B. But we are here to discuss speakers so what is the job of a speaker exactly and why are there so many to choose from?

The purpose of a speaker is to play music so that we can sit down and enjoy it. Simple as that. No resonance, no coldness no harshness no lack of bass, no booming, no nonsense, just pure buttery heaven. 

Is it the magico? is it the harbeth? is it the wilson? Avalon? Yg? vivid? 
DIY custom tuned? brick walled cabinets made of 12 inch thick concrete? 

Are we simply being cheated with all these offerings? why are there so many?

Again, i dont want to hear differences of opinions or any extraneous comments. 

I will ask again, what is the best speaker in the world?

I am sick and tired of seeing different speakers being touted as the best. I am sick of the lies. Sick of being cheated. Sick of lack of measurements. Sick of watching other audiophiles being duped. Sick of audiophiles that are tone deaf. 

We need the facts. No more lies no more BS no more opinions. 

What is the best? 

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The speakers you have.
Similar question to which gun is the best for self-protection.