What are the best speakers for Mac MA252?

Under $2,500 including sub woofer (mono output).
I'd say a Focal Aria 906 + a JL E110 sub.  Retail would be $2500 for both : but Focal is running a sale on closeout Dark Walnut 906's for $999.  Stands (necessary) do add about $300 though.  
Just bought that amp to replace some older Anthem separates.They were the lowest models  back then in year 1998.Of course, I matched them with some Paradigm Studio Reference 100s and it was a terrific combo.I  regret trading  those speakers for newer Paradigm Studio 20s...

Recently ,I needed to "downsize" my components to lighten weight due to physical problems.

Because I am very bias towards the Canadian made Paradigms I chose the Paradigm Prestige 75F to match the MA 252.

I was advised to add a DAC,because of the Mc Intosh lack of a decent one....(my knowledge of digital components is weak...).

The 75Fs sound great with the MA 252.

One problem with this calibre of integrated amp:one really hears the obvious sound difference between some of the older CDs(sometimes coded AAD) and those that are recently  digitally re mastered.
I guess my old Anthem set up did not discern  this difference, so it's something to get used to..

Other speakers that I researched:Focal 936s.I am really intrigued by the ELAC speaker brand and was unable to audition any here in my area.
I would check those out.I believe you can get a lot of speaker for $2500 buying a high end Elac tower.

Have Fun!


Oh ,I forgot that I added a 12 inch Paradigm sub.
To the last poster:

I owned a pair of Focal 905s which were the first speakers that were matched with the MA 252.Pretty good but I think a floorstanding speaker is more versatile.
Op said he wanted a sub...otherwise I would have recommended a Focal Aria 926 or 936.  Don't really need a sub with a 936 : but they're not the best choice for smaller rooms.
How about Martin Logan Motion 40 Floorstanding Speaker? Has anyone tried? My room is small (10'x10') so perhaps no need for sub? Focal 926/936 seems more expensive ($3,300 ~ $4K) and I'd like to stay within $2K for a pair of speakers and reserve $500 for sub in case I need.
I heard it at Advanced Audio in Tacoma driving Vandersteen 1ci lovely...add a used Vandy sub and away you go....at about your $2 k price

Agree on the Vandersteen 1ci but for subwoofer look at the Rythmik F12 as you can't used Vandersteen subs with the 252.  Both brand new you will be under your budget and even more if you go with a cheaper sub.  But if you do make sure it is sealed not ported. 
The Vandersteen 1ci looks attractive. It looks like a great entry-level speakers. It looks like designed with 8" woofer so wondering do I really need an additional subwoofer?
That's a very small room : I'd strongly advise against any Vandersteen : even the 1's need a lot of room around them to sound best.

I don't think any floor standing speaker is going to work great in that space.

I would really do a stand mount monitor in a somewhat near field set up, and supplement with a small sub.  I.e. The Focal 906 + maybe a JL Dominion D108 sub (8 inch).  The 906's are forward ported, so you don't have to worry about a rear port being to close up to a wall.  And the inverted dome tweeter has wide dispersion.  The 8" sub is plenty for that size room.  

That combo at retail will run you about $2200 if you get the Dark Walnut color 906's, which are on sale for $999.  
Thanks everyone for great advise. Based on various inputs, I've decided to go with bookshelfs rather than floor standing (my room is very small) with sub woofer. I will be starting auditions in several stereo stores. Thanks.
The best speakers, IMO, for the MA252 are GoldenEar Technology Tritons. Each speaker has a 1600 watt amplifier driving the bottom end. It frees up the amp since it is only running the ribbons and the mids.

It's a good decision of yours to go for bookshelfs your room is indeed very small for standmounters .Not sue you'll need a sub for such a small space before buying one try first without.