What are the best sounding DIY power cables and connections, opinions please ?

I am looking at buying 3 off the reel DIY power cords. 1 for my Running Springs Dmitri, 1 for my Nord NC1200 Signature class D amp and 1 for my Townshend Universal Disc Player. I have short listed Furutech FP-SN55, and Nanotec 308 or 309. As for connections i am considering Acolink Rhodium Cryro, MS HD POWER and the Furutech F1-28 R.

Can anyone offer advise on my choices or provide any better alternative DIY power cables or connectors please. I am from the UK so wall plugs are limited to Furutech or MS HD POWER, my budget does not allow for Furutech NCF connectors right now, i could maybe add them 1 at a time at a later date.

All advise is really appreciated, i have tried reading other threads on here but have not really found the answers i am looking for. Thank you.
Thank you everyone for the info and advice, I did give DIY a go and enjoyed the experience I settled on Furutech 10AWG with Furutech NCF connectors for a while.

I picked up a JPS Labs AC+ for my Krell KSA 250 and the Krell seemed to love the JPS Labs cable. I did search for an SR Master Coupler to no avail but the end storey is I now use all JPS Labs power cords purchased used and feel they offer a better sound than my DIY efforts for maybe cheaper money, but it was all fun and I enjoyed the feeling of pride/achievement building my own power cables. 

I believe everything matters AC quality, all cables, contact enhancers, Isolation for everything especially Speakers, Speaker position, room treatments (music) but obviously budget and diminishing returns comes into play.

Stay safe and please take care everyone!
Grannyring... i think You Too In Love with Duelund stuff!   There Bulk cables are ok sounding nothing to excited.  My honest opinion kind of dark sounding! 
I think you should read my post again as you must have not read it completely? I was more in love with the Helix PC. That was clear.  

The Duelund is great at the $100 price point. 
The helix PC looks very interesting and that’s a strong recommendation from granny. 
Just to be clear, what were the other wires involved aside from the multiple runs of VH audio 18 gauge airlock for the positive? Also,  is 18 gauge the Unicrystal copper hookup wire? 
Trying to navigate this page to find the correct wires to source. I want to give it a shot. 

Gonna try to make both the duelund and the helix. 

Scratch my last post. I finally had a chance to sort through the detailed instructions on image99.net. Very nice little write up. 

Unless the wires have changed from:
Neutral -  12 awg mil-spec silver plated copper cryo treated
Ground - 12 gauge mains copper form Home depot
Live - 4 strands of 18 gauge VH audio airlock unicrystal copper hookup wire

I'll go ahead and follow that write up and see what we can make. 

Good stuff