What are the best recordings in your collection?

I am always looking for great recordings of music, rock,jazz classical doesn't matter as long as it sounds good. It seems to me that the best recordings  I come across are 50-60's jazz. Thoughts?
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My best recordings are on German and import releases of ECM jazz which is mainly 70s and 80s. CMP label imports are also on my huge list of great recorded jazz and obscure music. 

My classical portion of collection mainly consists of Teldec/Telark imported labels. Also Decca UK releases. Holst "Planets" is one of my highlights. Not too much found of vintage 50's RCA and LONDON US releases, but do have Stravinsky conducts Stravinsky "Petruchka" on London stereo original release.

Among 50...60's jazz I found few out of many good recordings, because substantially less music from that era interests me. One of the highlights is Miscja Mengelberg quartet "Modern Jazz". It's rare record of style transition between hard bop and avangard. Also I would highlight Getz/Gilberto DJ yellow label copy with one extra track per side (compared to original release). I can also note other recordings that I'm pleased with such as Getz "Big Band Bossa Nova"

My electronic collection includes ALL albums of David Sylvian including CDs 

I haven't touched my rock collection in years, but certain highlight is Talking Heads "Stop Making Sense".
Toccata by Melbourne Guitar Quartet

"Best" in what regard? In purely sonic quality, it is pretty much any Direct-to-Disc LP. Removing the recorder from the signal path results in a HUGE increase in transparency and resolution.

For non-Direct-to-Disc LP's, the Water Lily label is unsurpassed in sound quality.

I always wonder why posters are looking for others' responses without first, giving their own findings? Just a thought?


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I suspect that by "recordings" you mean vinyl. However, since you weren’t specific, I’ll give my opinion of a favorite sounding rock CD that I feel has an uptick in resolution. That would be the "40th Anniversary" edition of Jethro Tull’s classic, "Aqualung." I’ll add that, although I’m not really a jazz fan, I recently bought an Ella Fitzgerald CD that was very well recorded and has me thinking that I may be missing something.