What are the best on-wall speakers

Space limitations require that I use on-wall speakers over floor standing. Nevertheless my amp, preamp and cd player are McIntosh top of the line. Does anyone know what would be the best on-wall speakers to go with them?
I *really* like my Gallo Reference AVs and they are a great voice-match to their Ref. 3.1s...

Thread resurrect - Thiel makes the Powerpoint, but they're for ceiling or side wall mount.

Because my Thiel Powerplane 1.2 in-walls won't fit (complications of a pocket door...), I'm now looking at on walls.

Anyone have any new suggestions? Will research BG Radia and Martin Logan, but man... unhappy these don't fit. They sound great and actually project a decent image when lined up below my TV... maybe I'll install them that way.

- Dan
Legacy Silhouettes if you have the budget.  Call Legacy and talk to Bill.  Focal and Dali have some great in wall speakers and Totem Tribe would be another choice for on wall.  If money was not  an object I would definitely go with Legacy.
What about thoughts about RBH on wall or in wall speakers? I spoke to a local dealer about wall speakers and he stated for the money to look at RBH. I was thinking about KEF T series on wall speakers because I'm familiar with that brand but he suggested RBH. Thanks in advance.