What are the best looking power cables?

I have never purchased any powercables, and these aftermarket powercables look trick on their websites. But how good can they look with those hospital grade plugs? Out of curiosity, what do you guys think about the aesthetics of your powercords?
Shunyata power cables are all exceptional looking (if this is actually possible.)


I agree the fit and finish on the Shunyata is outstanding. Synergistic, and Harmonic Technology are also good. I have not seen, but heard the FIM and BMI cords are also very nice. On the flip side the Electra glide have to be the worse on looks. They are however outstanding cables.
Are you using these cables to hang plants from your ceiling?
If so you may need one with a strain relief connector.
i understand xlo is redoing their whole line but their recent power cords are pretty snappy if you like purple.
- kelly
I think that the FIM Gold looks beautiful, and sounds even better. This topic is somewhat subjective, as others may not share my veiws. For example, wives rarely share our enthusiasm, especially towards cable purchases ...
The Gut wire cables come in beautiful hues of red.

I'd like to find cables that work and ALSO glow in the dark!
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Damn - I should have added to my post that I was voicing deep admiration - it is so easy for typed words to be misconstrued.
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OKOK sorry if your words were misconstrued. It's easy to do that!
This post just confirms what many cable companies know very well. People buy their expensive stuff just because it looks cool!! AudioQuest is one of the worst offenders in this area, if you ask me. They upgrade their cables every season to meet the fashion trends of the cable industry.

This also confirms my theory that cables are like after-market wheels for cars. They are very expensive "performance" modifications that people really by for good looks. I mean, do you really notice the difference in performance between a stock wheel and a BBS wheel? NO, but you sure notice that one looks a heck of a lot cooler.
What you really mean Jaykapur is that you have found proof in a light-hearted set of posts, some of which have been entirely flippant, for something you already believed.
Yes, I always make speculations based on 6 responses to a post = )
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